Do Brain Supplements Make Us Smarter

Scientists are already working on developing a pill that will make us full without having to eat. Inventing drugs that will make us smarter without having to spend hours and hours in learning seems like a reality in the near future. Although mankind has already come up with smart drugs as a way toenhance their cognitive abilities, this will still not raise our IQ.

Nootropic producers (or copy makers) often make a foolish mistake in advertising their products. Telling that some pill will boost your intelligence to the limit is a notorious lie. There are many types of nootropics, and if you visit sources like Nootropics Review Nerd, you will find that not all are equally effective.

Nootropics come in various forms. These can include tablets, powders, gummies, drinks such as coffee, tea and other caffeine based beverages and also as leaves and even mushrooms. The blue meanies strain is a potent mushroom known for its psychedelic effects. Being derived from the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom, they can provide powerful mind altering effects in those who consume them. They can also contribute to increased neural activity, in other words – a boost to brain power!

Conventional Use of Nootropics

Nootropics are selected as a therapy for conditions which can reduce brain functioning, such as sleep disturbances, narcolepsy, and behavioral disturbance (ADHD). Most of the smart drugs also showed improvements in the treatment of cognitive disorders such as various forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Doctors have the permission to use nootropics in regular therapies for a list of health conditions. Smart drugs prove to be beneficial for attention disorder and hyperactivity in kids, causing difficulties in everyday life. Nootropic drugs provide patients with quality life; every additional ‘benefit’ is due to off-label use of this type of medications.

One way of action is affecting the level of dopamine in the brain. It strikes the perfect balance of this neurotransmitter; enough to keep you wake, but not high and over-stimulated. Nootropics also affect the production of histamine, a neurotransmitter known as a very potent allergen. More histamine means you’ll feel less sleepy. And when you’re awake, you are more focused and eager to work and learn.

Does Better Cognitive Abilities Affect IQ?

Some evidence to suggest that long-term and regular use of nootropics (at the prescribed dose) has a positive effect on memory ability. When younger, we remember much better when in older age. And that’s what the concept of smart drugs is all about – keeping our brain rested, fresh, and young. Here you can find tips on how to improve the health of the central nervous system, making it even more powerful.

The increase in brain utilization capacity on a daily level is not an increase in intelligence. Inherent intelligence is an ability that is shaped through learning and experience, and we need it as a ‘tool’ for survival. It is the potential we are learning to apply in everyday life; we can upgrade but not increase it. 

Our IQ will be the same throughout life. No new experience, knowledge, and even the brain supplements will change it.Nootropics work another way too – they are making us be more efficient and not to allow disturbance from the side. Complete focus is on work/studying.

Risks of Taking Nootropics

People who use nootropics on a prescription express a higher level of productivity than usual. But using these drugs as brain supplements is still a ‘gray area.’ Although the appearance of side-effects is minimal, it doesn’t mean there’s no risk at all. 

Taking an over-the-counter drug carries a risk of abuse. People using nootropics for off-label purpose are not fully aware of their mechanism of action, prescribed quantity, and possible risks. They can easily overdose without increasing the drug effect. Changing a drug quality for a quantity is not a good idea in this case, as many consequences can occur. 

Possible side-effects of brain supplementation check on the link below:

If you have no time, but too many obligations, and want to achieve the best results in the shortest time, taking an extra pillwould be useless and possibly dangerous. Instead, take a prescribed dose, as written on the box. Wait for the first ‘impact’ of energy and make a better organization of your activities.You’ll see everything is going smoothly.

By eliminating episodes of fatigue, nootropics influence our concentration, maximizing the focus on what we do. Our brain is on the task, while the influence of external factors is negligible. The healthy person using memory boosters, in some ways, enjoys its productivity and performance results, gaining motivation for new working tasks.

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