How indoor plants help improve life in the office

Many business owners continuously strive to make their workplace more engaging and fun for their staff. Aside from getting office cleaning Melbourne, they have tried using lively colours, and decorative designs, as well as expensive furniture, to make the office look more appealing. Some have even tried placing indoor plants to improve the overall wellbeing of their staff at work.
However, numerous studies have shown that indoor plants do not just improve the aesthetic value of the workplace. It also offers several other health benefits. Below we breakdown the 4 top benefits of getting indoor plants for your office

4 Main Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Help improve indoor air quality

Plants are known to improve not just the appearance of a room, but also the indoor air quality. That is because they absorb toxins in the air such as formaldehyde from furniture, benzene and carbon monoxide. Through photosynthesis, they also produce oxygen, which is what humans need in order to breathe.

  • Reduce noise in the surroundings

Aside from reducing air pollution, indoor plants also reduce noise pollution in the workplace. According to some research, the leaves of plants absorb background noise, making a room a little less noisy. To maximise indoor plants’ noise reduction benefits, place large plants strategically around the office or near your work area.

  • Increase humidity in the air

Indoor plants are natural humidifiers. However, the amount of humidity they produce differs across various plant types. Areca palms, for examples, continuously release moisture in the air, and so they are perfect for indoor settings. Plants such as succulents and cacti, on the other hand, only produce a small amount of moisture within 24 hours. The key is learning more about indoor plants and choosing the best kind for your office.

  • Freshen the air

Having indoor plants allows saving on artificial air fresheners. That is because specific types of plants produce fragrant odours, such as the dwarf kaffir lime tree. Also, indoor plants are a healthier alternative to commercial air fresheners because they do not contain harmful chemicals. You can be 100% sure that you and your staff are truly breathing fresh air indoors.


Indoor plants are a great way to naturally liven and freshen up a home and a workplace. It is also a better alternative because it is cheaper than buying commercial air purifying products. It just takes knowing which plant type best suits your working environment and the benefit you want to enjoy the most. Whatever your preferences are, you will never go wrong with going green and having indoor plants in the workplace

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