What cleaning automation cannot do


Technological innovations have changed the landscape of how we live our lives. It has changed the way we communicate and socialise, how we access information, and our means of entertainment. Even the office cleaning industry has been changed by these technological developments in the form of cleaning automation systems.


However, if you are looking for complete automation, the world of cleaning technology still has a long way to go. This fact is proven by the limitations that current cleaning automation devices have. In this post, we breakdown some cleaning chores that cleaning automation still has not completely figured out:



β€’ VacuumingΒ 

Cleaning with vacuums has undergone major improvements over the years. From hand-pushed vacuums, we now have robot vacuums that can navigate a room on its own. However, even with these advanced features, robot vacuums today still suffer from limited mobility. Meaning, there are certain important things it cannot do on its own.

One of them is going on high surfaces, like the stairs, the couch and other furniture, and clean them up. In addition, robot vacuums are not immune to missing spots or even getting stuck. To remedy these mobility issues, you will need hand-held vacuums and clean the dirt up yourself.


β€’ Washing the dishes and doing the laundry

Dishwashers and washing machines are one of the most standard ways of chore automation. Almost all households in the country have either or both of these pieces of technology. However, they still require human intervention in order for them to work.


Most dishwashers today require you to load the dishes into the machine. Some even require you to quickly rinse dirty dishes to remove food particles that can clog the drain. The same is true with the use of washing machines. Human effort is needed to load the pieces of clothing into the machine, and additional effort is necessary to separate them according to type and colour to prevent discolouration and shrinking.


β€’ Cleaning the WindowsΒ 

Window cleaning is one arduous and dangerous task. It is only understandable if people want to look for easier ways to do it. Window cleaning robots are the obvious answer to this demand. This type of device attaches in self on a window and cleans it using built-in cleaning pads and a squeegee.

The problem with window cleaning robots is that they leave streaks on the window. They also need to be moved from one window to another. So, if you think about it, it actually gives you more to do rather than saving your time and energy. It also does not save you from the risky business of going up high windows to have them cleaned.


β€’ Lawn Mowing

Mowing the lawn is probably one of the most tedious cleaning chores one has to do. It is good, though, that several pieces of technology have been invented to keep the lawn tidy and taken care of. However, the current lawn mowing robots available in the market today have drawbacks. Some cannot be used on wet grass and when it is raining. They also cannot cover a wide area of land, so they are practically useless for homes or office buildings with wide garden areas.


β€’ The TakeawayΒ 

Technology and cleaning automation has undeniably enabled us to save time and the trouble of doing tedious cleaning chores. However, as you have seen, they do not come without limitations. No matter how advanced their features, at some point they still require human intervention and the good old elbow grease. This is why even with cleaning automation, one cannot deny the importance of hiring professional cleaners to clean homes and maintain business premises. If you want to achieve impeccable cleaning, relying on the experts remains to be the sure way to get it

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