Mums-Stop Carrying The Weight of the World on Your Shoulders

As mums, we’re always at the bottom of our own priority lists. We’re great at caring for others and making sure our loved ones needs are all met, but not so much when it comes to ourselves. For this reason, it’s so easy to get burned out. We can end up physically and mentally exhausted, and unable to enjoy a break without feeling guilty. It’s so important to try to break this thought pattern, you can still love your family and be the best mum you can be while looking after yourself in the process.

Enjoy relaxation time without feeling bad

It’s perfectly ok to take some time for yourself when you’re able to, even if it just means putting your feet up and watching Netflix, enjoying a hot bath or sitting in the garden and clearing your head. It’s not just a luxury, it’s vital to your mental health and wellbeing. Not only is this good for you, but being the best version of yourself helps you to take care of others too.

Reduce your working hours

Does it feel like you’re working all hours? Many mums have to do work of some kind to help support their families, but as your children’s primary caregiver you also have essentially a full time job outside of your work hours. Sit and work out your money, if you can make cutbacks somewhere then it’s worth reducing your hours, if you’re busy from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep then again, it’s bad for your overall wellbeing. If regimented work hours don’t suit your schedule, look for something more flexible or even start your own venture to earn money from home. Freelancing, blogging and home based businesses are are ideas.

Accept outside help

While we might feel as though we need to do everything ourselves, it’s worth taking any extra help we can if it makes life easier. One simple thing you can do is create a cleaning rota, getting other household members to contribute to at least some of the household jobs gives you a little less to do. Perhaps your partner could empty the dishwasher before work, take out the bins or cook dinner on some nights of the week. From there you could look into companies such as BetterHelp that can provide professional mental health guidance if you feel the need for more balance in your life. If you’re caring for elderly family members, looking into care and homes like Porthaven could be an option, it might suit their needs better and can reduce stress for you as well. Utilise the help and companies that are out there.

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