4 Factors to consider when seeking an office relocation

As your company grows, you may realize that your office is no longer in the right location. You may want to consider relocating your corporate office to cater to the needs of your company and access more of your target market. Relocating offices can have a significant effect on your business. Whether you wish to give room for growth or control your environment, moving to a new space is exciting. Any office relocation is a significant project, and you may consider contacting a relocation company to help you. Moving an office can be daunting, especially if you have never coordinated a move before. Read on to discover four factors to consider when seeking an office relocation.

  1. Culture. If you want to relocate your offices, consider beginning the process by checking the culture and personality of your business. For instance, if you own a high profile company with a formal culture, you may want to look for a location that suits that working style. A more casual environment in a laid back area, such as a shopping mall, may work for you
  2. Customers. The primary reason for moving your office should be to serve your customers in a better way. As you search for a new office location, you should consider the demographics of your clients. You do not want to move your office to a place that is not appealing to your customers because you may end up losing your company. Consider choosing a central location that is easy for your clients.
  3. Surrounding. The surrounding of the office is also an essential thing to consider. You have to ensure that both your employees and customers are happy with your new location. Consider the goods and services that are within your new office. Your employees will appreciate if they can easily access a local restaurant for their lunch break. Look for a place that is surrounded by shops and easy to locate. A location with other companies that provide similar types of services may also offer some valuable competition.
  4. Project Forward. When moving to a new place, it is crucial to think ahead. An office that can accommodate all your employees might not be the same fit after five years. Look for a building with an ability to accommodate growth. You should also consider technology and working styles. Flexible working spaces will help all your employees. Project how you want the office of the future to look. This strategy will also prevent you from relocating again once your business grows.

Relocating an office is a significant business decision, which should involve everyone in that company. The law requires that you engage your stakeholders. Some managers forget to communicate their relocation decision to their employees. The key reason to talk openly to your staff is to anticipate any issues before they become problems. Explain to your team the reasons for relocating, and how they will benefit.

Remember to have a step-by-step checklist that will guide you during the move.   


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