The Elegance of Shoes: A Look at the Love Story Between a Woman and Her Shoes

A man might love his Gucci sneakers and his Edward Green oxfords, but a woman and her love for shoes is far greater than most men can comprehend. So, what is it about classy, beautiful shoes that appeal to the fairer sex so much? What do they really like, and what makes them want to run away bare feet instead? Read on to find out what it is about shoes that appeals to women.

Shoes from Designer Brands are Not the Only Shoes that Women Love

The appeal of a designer brand is always there and most women wouldn’t trade their favorite pair of classic Gucci sneakers for anything in the world (figuratively speaking of course!), but their love for shoes transcends just quality brands.

The street markets of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam or those in Hong Kong will make even the most sophisticated shoe shopper happy because of the variety they provide. Sure, the cheap shoes may not last long and they cannot even be compared to a proper branded pair, but women love shopping in these street markets during their vacations as well. This proves that women and their love for shoes goes beyond brands and quality, and they have a thing for variety as well.

Shoes from Established, Designer Brands Are to Die for

Women may wander the streets of Ben Thanh for hours during their vacation, and may even buy a few pairs to mark their visit to the place, but when it comes to classy occasions and beautiful dresses, they will look to the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Jimmy Choo. The colorful shoes from the streets have had their moment, but as the occasions become important and prestigious, women will always come back to their trusted brands.

Which Shoes Do Women Love the Most?

Surprisingly enough, heels, as popular as they are, do not make it to the number one position when it comes to women’s favorite shoes. It looks like most women would prefer to have something like a pair of Gucci sneakers in their shoe closet first, before moving onto anything else.

Once you take a look at the long list of various Gucci sneakers in SSENSE’s collection, you will realize that it’s quite natural to love a pair that brings together the quality of a designer brand, and the versatility of the sneaker into one elegant package. In fact, SSENSE also has a wide collection of pumps, heels and mid-heels from Gucci, which are all among the most loved shoes for women through the decades.

If we had to pick one celebrity quote about shoes from a whole list of them, it would have to be Oprah Winfrey’s brilliant line; “I still have my feet on the ground – I just wear better shoes.”

The actual love story between a woman and her shoes is all about the inherent feminine appreciation for quality, fashion, variety and style.

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