Using Technology To Keep The Memory Alive

Looking back on the past can bring back a whole raft of different emotions. Some things can make us happy, and others sad. There will be people from your life who are no longer with you. And, it is only natural that you will want to remember them, and the times that you have had together.

Keeping the memory of a loved one, or a time in your life alive is essential. It reminds of who we are, and where we came from. The people that surround you are all part of the rich tapestry of your life.


If you have lots of videos of camcorder footage of you and your loved ones, you’ll want to watch them. Tape quality degrades over time, and through multiple uses and you may be conscious of the fact that you are wearing it out through repeated use.

Technology changes too, and you may no longer have access to a video player anymore. This can be frustrating, as you may have lots of videos from the past that you thought you would always have access too. The fact that they would become obsolete probably did not occur at the time.

Why not look at getting a video to DVD transfer. Using this kind of service, you can digitize your videos so that you can play them back from your DVD player or computer. You can save them onto digital storage too so that it will never degrade, and you will always have a copy.


We take photos like never before. With smartphones and social media, keeping the memory alive is effortless. We can easily access all of our photos, and some people have amassed hundreds of thousands of images from their lives. We have never lived in a time where we document so much.

But going back twenty years, the majority of the photos were taken using film and printed out. Again, the paper will degrade, and pictures will fade.

By scanning your photos, you can stop the deterioration of the images. If a photo needs enhancing, it can be edited in photoshop to bring it back to its full glory.

Keeping old photos can take up a lot of space too. But with cloud storage, you can save as many images as you like and access them from anywhere in the world.

Why not invest in a digital photo frame that will show a slideshow of your favourite photos, for you and your family to enjoy?

Gone But Not Forgotten

Digitizing all of our sentimental memories is important. If you have an elderly family member with photos dating back to their childhood, you should look to preserve these digitally now. Make a photo collage or a DVD of the pictures for you to reminisce together about their family and friends.

People live such interesting lives, with so many stories to tell. Digitizing memories is an excellent way of connecting with other generations within your family and finding out about life before you were born.

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