Tyre care tips for safer driving

Driving on busy congested roads at peak times cause issues all over the UK and especially so in major cities. The worst being central London and Birmingham; both of which can be an absolute nightmare to drive through. Congestion is made much worse with accidents and one of the main causes of car accidents (aside from other drivers) is bad or worn tyres.

Tyre Importance – Car tyres are more than just black round things which form part of your car. They are the only point of contact between the road and the vehicle you are in control of. They are also connected to steering, power transmission and breaking and therefore play a vital role in the running and safety of your car.

Tyre Safety – By law tyres have to have at least 1.6 of tread depth across its circumference. Drivers not abiding by this law could find themselves with up to a Β£2500 fine per tyre. It’s important to regularly check and repair/replace car tyres to avoid fines, breakdowns and accidents.

Tyre Care and maintenance

Tyre Care and maintenance – Regular inspections are the way, starting with visual inspections of all tyres on your car. Running your hand over tyre treads may able you to feel for any foreign bodies embedded inside them. If anything is found then either drive the car to a professional for servicing or if you know how to; Jack the car up and replace the tyre. The biggest nightmare is being stuck on a busy road. For example, in central Birmingham; the traffic is always very busy and roads tend to get very congested during the day. If your tyres are not inspected properly they can cause you trouble and you will find yourself on a London road- with a tyre problem! For tackling this issue, you should always get help from professionals. You can get new tyres in Birmingham today fromΒ Point S local members

Tyre pressure is another thing that requires regular checks. The air pressure contained inside inflates the tyre and pushes out the tread blocks. Having to much air pressure will make the car bump and bounce whilst too little will decrease the cars driving efficiency.

Bad tyres also increase fuel consumption costing you more in the long run.

ConclusionBadly worn and old tyres are a common reason for accidents. Motorists can avoid being the cause of a serious accident by regularly checking their car tyres just as they do with the rest of their car features. Weekly checks don’t take long and can save you both money and a conviction in the long run. Tyres should always be checked before embarking on long journeys. Should your tyres encounter problems then it’s best to get them replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

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