Going On Holiday? Keep Your Family Home Safe And Secure

The summer holidays are finally here and you probably have a lot of work on your hands over the coming weeks to keep the kids entertained. And so, one of your plans may be to whisk them away on holiday. Whether to bask in the British sun at the Haven Lakeland resort or pack their passports and jet abroad to Europe. Whichever you choose, the risk of your home being accessed by intruders increases when you are not there. But there’s no need to worry because there are plenty of things you can do to discourage criminals and keep your home safe.

Is Anybody in?

This will be the first thing potential burglars will want to gather about your home. Ideally, you want to give them as many reasons as possible to believe you are still in. Which means you should keep the curtains open and blinds (if you have them) at an angle. This will help prevent people from being able to peek into your home but also gives the illusion that you are in. And of course, a tried and tested gadget for holidaymakers are the electronic lighting timers that switch on your lights throughout the night and switch them off automatically during the day. Burglars prefer to strike at night, but if they can see the lights are on in your home, this can dissuade criminals.

Anti-Snap Cylinders

A preferred way for burglars to enter homes is by ‘lock snapping’. Once the burglars have tampered with the lock cylinders, the burglar can easily access your home. You can protect your home against lock-snapping by getting anti-snap cylinders installed. This will give youth home a higher level of safety and also help to protect from bumping, lock drilling and lock picking.


It goes without saying, but your valuables should be locked away so that nosey Nora’s can’t see anything in the windows or through the letterbox that they can instantly grab. Where to store your valuables is the next issue. Preferably it would be better if you don’t keep them in the house. So if a relative can look after your expensive jewellery and car keys for you – great! If this isn’t an option, you can either take them with you on your holiday or store them in hard to reach/access places.

A Secret Holiday

It might be tempting to tell everyone and anyone you’re heading away, but it’s in your homes best interests if you don’t. Tell a few key people like your parents and best friend but other than that, keep your holiday quiet. The same is true for social media too. You will want to share your holiday snaps online, but try and leave it until you return home from your break. There’s no need to advertise to everyone on Facebook that you’re going away for a fortnight and that the house will be left unattended for that time, eek!


As you would keep a watch on things when your neighbour tells you they are going away, ask if they can do the same for you. And, if they don’t mind watering your plants while they’re at it that would be great to add to the image that you’re still at home.

With more ways than one to keep your home protected from intruders this (and every) summer, you can go away and relax in peace.

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