6 Tips to maintaining your street bike

When it comes to your street bike, there are many things that one needs to do so that they can maintain the bike  and have it run for as long as possible. We all want our bikes to be top-notch when it comes to performance. As such, you need to be aware of some of the things that can make the bike offer you the best services. It goes without saying that you have to invest in the maintenance and care of the bike for you to get the best from it. As such, visiting bike maintenance websites or companies like Solo Moto can help you to learn more about bikes and how to diagnose problems if any arises.

Here are 6 tips for maintaining your street bike:

1.        Tire air pressure

It is important that you maintain the tire pressure of your bike. There are manufacturer recommended pressures for the various bike types. As such, you have to be sure of the various pressures at various times when you are riding your bike. You also need to ensure that your tires are not overinflated or underinflated. This will result in better mileage for your bike and therefore better performance.

2.        Status of the bike brakes

It is important that your bike brakes are working and that they have the right amount of free play. You should check and ensure that the brakes are not binding. You can put the bike on the main stand and make sure that both of the wheels can freely turn.

3.        Chain maintenance

One of the best ways to maintain the chain is to lubricate it regularly. You should also ensure that you have the right amount of slack. You should brush the chain links. You can use an old toothbrush to do this. You should ensure that you have lubricated the links regularly by the use of a chain lubricant. This is the best way to keep the chain working optimally.

4.        Clean air filter

You need to ensure that the air filter is clean all the time. You should change the filter at the manufacturer-recommended intervals for the best combustion of the engine. Dusty chimes should be cleaned and the clutch adjusted appropriately such that it has free play. The clutch should not be over-adjusted as it could increase fuel consumption.

5.        Keep the engine regularly serviced

For your bike to operate optimally, the engine should be kept maintained. The engine should be regularly tuned up so that it can keep running clockwise and thereby save on your fuel bills. You should also make sure that the carburetor is cleaned and that valve clearance is maintained.

6.        Change engine oil regularly

If you want the bike to be working all the time, the manner in which you take care of the engine should be valued. Engine oil should be checked and changed regularly. Actually, just like in a car, it should be checked on a daily basis and changed when the need arises. Changing the engine regularly means that you will reduce fuel consumption and lengthen the life of the engine.

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