Vibrancy Is Not A Fleeting Concept In Home Interiors

Interior design is never about aesthetics alone in the purely visual department. A home has to be meaningful in how it approaches its overall style. A home will lose any sense of purpose in the way it presents itself, if you just choose things that look good to you. In other words, the interior design you choose has to come from a background or a history that has played a part in human history. Culture in a sense is the true indicator of an interior that has an atmosphere. In this regard there are many concepts that we can look at. Does a contemporary home give you an atmosphere of industrial factories? The straight edges that you see everywhere are going to give you a postmodern look, but with a hard and rigid atmosphere. If the postmodern furniture is something like a leather corner sofa, you can become more present-day but still the style is postmodern. Now that you hopefully understand the concepts of atmosphere and aesthetics, can you make a home more vibrant and not have it consigned to just one season such as spring?

It’s just too bright

There’s a reason why the Scandanavian interior design style is the most popular summer style in the world, despite coming from an incredibly cold part of the world. Who would have thought that the Swedish interior style , would become one of the most recognized interior styles in the world for spring and summer, when the nation sees more snowfall than most Canadian cities. The basic style is mixing neutrals with earthtones. It’s not uncommon to see a pure white sofa with wooden support legs. The sofa is made out of leather of course, but usually it’s a leather than is thinner and more flexible. What offsets this pure smothering of whites and neutral greys, are plants. Tall green plants are used as the catalyst to break up the lines, inject a little color and nature.

However, it’s just too bright. The Swedish interior design style is far too vibrant to be considered a home style that you can have for all four seasons. It just doesn’t fit the winter as a home that’s cosy and inviting will use more earthtones and traditional style. For example, instead of the cabinets being white, they would be in an orange and burgundy varnish. The sofa would be a classic Chesterfield leather button design. Instead of white synthetic fiber rug, you would have a dark Victorian style rug made from wool. Vibrancy is a concept that most definitely can suit a home all year round, but there is such a thing as overkill.

It’s multi-dimensional

In fact, let’s look at what vibrancy in a home actually means. To put it in simple terms, it’s a home that constantly feels fresh, boasting about life, spreads cheer with colorful spectrums and praises cleanliness. To be more complex, let’s look at the different layers in which this concept exists. Take for example the odor or smell of the home. If you have a dirty carpet, the smell will be artificial, it will be sweet and yet a little dull and pungent at the same time. It won’t be inviting and you never feel like you can take one long deep breath comfortably. The smell of the home can be made more tropical, flowery or fresher using something like an aromatherapy diffuser. This is a product not just designed to combat bad odors, but to give off a desired aroma around the house or room. What does this do? Well, with a contemporary design it adds to a modern day home with shapely style and supporting a musk. Emitting delicate fragrances, it seeps into the home and gives your interior a breath of new life everyday.

A pleasant place to observe

Above all else,a vibrant home must be a brilliant place to sit and observe the outside world. It should give you an atmosphere of being so close to nature, but always have some kind of artistic flare. How this can be achieved is with an eclectic style. This is a merging of many different concepts but they all add to a more kind of bohemian interior. The bohemian style was always about bright colors but also playing with darker shades. There is such a thing as too bright as mentioned before. However where you can experiment most successfully with this kind of style is in the patio or in a conservatory.

A patio is able to enjoy a mixture of furniture such as a Rattan egg and oval sofa. It’s able to be made out of fabric, synthetics and wool. The colors are on the darker side of the pallet but also in lighter tones. Therefore you can expect to see beige, cream, sand and grey. Not quite neutral and not quite ultra spring-like either. You might also want to try a bright blue or marble white plant vase outside. It’s a great connector option for linking the garden with the home in a more subtle refined way.

The shining example 

Lighting is especially crucial in a vibrant home as again the fragile balance of too little and too much is in effect. Using LED lamps to brighten corners is a great idea but that must mean that the main ceiling light has to be dimmer. The main ceiling light will brighten up the entire room but it will only half light the corners. By making it a little dimmer you don’t get an imbalance with the corners of a room being brighter than the center. It evens things out and also, allows every corner to be visible from any angle.

A vibrant home must not take too much influence from the Scandnavian interior design style, namely the Swedish. It’s just too neutral and it won’t look right in the winter. However you can therefore balance things out by using different methods such as a musk or aroma diffuser. An earth tone home can still smell fresh and floral. Create a pleasant place to sit as well, which can be in a warm to neutral tone to keep a nice delicate balance in your patio.


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