It’s Strictly Briks

If there’s one toy that never ever goes out of fashion then it has to be building bricks of some sort. Strictly Briks is a new and slightly cheaper type of building/construction kit. They come in many different sets. This is the original set that we got.

This is the brick base. This by itself doesn’t look much but Izebella did have some fun putting it together. It kind of reminds me of a very mini version of a multi storey car park. This set consists of six 10×10 base plates and 50 stackers. It’s available in other colours too. It doesn’t have to be stacked in the normal way as above either. See that’s the fun with this type of toy as it’s all about kids using their imaginations and basically doing whatever they like with it.

Yes she did try to use it as a toy storage at one point.

Of course base plates alone don’t really do much for young imaginations, at least not for more than a few minutes anyway. Therefore kids also need these!

These are the classic bricks for slightly “bigger kids” or those that are old enough not to ram it all in their tiny mouths. The younger kids have bigger bricks which won’t go down throats. Izebella is 6 so “sort of” past the stuff in mouth stage.

The good thing about the base plates is just that. Do you remember playing with Lego when younger and only having one (or two if lucky) base plates, thousands of bits of brick and had to share between 3 or more of you? There was always someone without a base plate and you remember just how difficult it was to build a Lego spaceship on the carpet!!! Well with the stackable base plate kit you get 6 plates meaning everyone can build their own spaceship or house separately and when playing alone they can be stacked like a huge skyscraper.

And of course when playing has finished, just break them up and put them away again.

The Strictly Briks base plate pack costs Β£17.99 from Amazon and the classic brick pack is a separate purchase and can also be purchased from amazon. The bricks and plates seem strong and durable. Very easy to stack and build and just as easy to take apart

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