5 Tips for First-time Horse Racers to Get Ahead of the Game

Horse-race betting runs within generations. It has always been something of an acquired taste. Families set up picnic chairs next to racing tracks and bet on their favourite number. It was actually the earliest form of gambling before casinos and clubs were common. For first-time betters who are just venturing into the world of horse racing, here are some handy tips:


Domain knowledge is the first step to entering a field. This refers to the common vocabulary used within the profession. In case of horse racing, standard terms include jockeys, banker, handicap, allowance and wagers. An introductory guide to horse racing will likely teach you most of the concepts needed for your first race.

Day Schedule

The day program is cluttered with information. You have to train yourself how to read it before you can make an informed pick. Field lingo will come in handy here. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the schedule will give you all the necessary information, statistics on all the horses in a race and who their trainers are. If you still feel unsure, you can always get in touch with professional racing tipsters.


Not the noun but the verb. Look up race schedules in local newspapers. You can also search an archive for information on recent horse races conducted in your area. This is important so you can get to know popular horses. You’d know which horse has been winning most games and which has previously won at a particular track.

Moreover, this is also an important parameter to gauge the expertise of jockeys and trainers in your area. The chances of a horse winning increase depending on the skill of the trainer. They have different training strategies for different tracks, and a good jockey will have greater control over the animal as well.

Study your animal

Okay, here’s a secret. Most of the time, people bet on a horse if they like how it looks or its number. Well, news flash, it is wrong and plain stupid to bet by hunches. One cannot be mesmerised by the glamour of a horse when betting money. In this case, all horses belong to specific classes. There are four race classes, including maiden, claiming, allowance and stakes. Usually, most horses in a race belong to the same level. However, a horse that has performed well at a lower level may be bumped up. In this case, the horse may not be a great bet at an unfamiliar horse track with more experienced horses.

Look at the odds

Consider your odds of winning a race with the type of bet you’re placing. If you bet that the race favourite will win, it will pay off 33pc of the time. If you bet on it to come in first or second place, it pays off 53pc of the time. But if you bet on it to come in first, second or third, it pays off 67pc of the time. And in the end, it doesn’t hurt to trust your instincts. They are mostly right, and some things do happen to chance.

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