Gousto launches new Al Fresco & BBQ range

Gousto – possibly the best recipe subscription box in the UK, recently launched some brand new seasonal recipes to add to its already huge weekly menu. The recipes are designed with summer in mind, meaning they are easy and quick to prepare and light yet filling. As always all the ingredients get delivered fresh to you door, along with recipe cards which can be placed inside a useful binder and kept to make over and over again. The binder usually comes with your first box.

Everting comes in a big brown box. It’s huge, the meat and fish products come packed separately and always in ice. The sauces and seasonings come in their own bag too, with any fruit & veg packed loosely in the main box.

This time I was able to make 3 recipes and got sent enough ingredients to make each meal for four people. This was a totally random surprise box. I had no idea what I would be sent.

Jumbo prawn scampi, chips & tartare sauce

I do love prawns and was so happy when I saw I’d be making this one. I found it really easy, tho coating the prawns in the batter mix was really messy. Home cooked chips always make a nice treat too. I think this was my overall favourite out of the three.

2) Vietnamese style lemongrass chicken. I think this sounds much more complicated than it is. It does require a food processor of some sort to make the sauce for the chicken. I don’t have a proper one but I do have a good hand blender which works just as good. The chicken tasted lovely, the sauce just the right spice and rice soft and fluffy.

Honey Mustard sausage & Apple salad A very strange combination but it really works all blended together. These Cumberland sausages had a great meaty flavour. I think I made the croutons slightly too big meaning they took ages to brown but again the end result was delicious.

I was really pleased with all my dishes and just how good they turned out. Gousto certainly surprises me each and every time.

Choose your recipes at https://www.gousto.co.uk

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