Ten game changing ways to keep the inside of your car dust free

Ten Game-Changing Ways to Keep the Inside of Your Car Dust-Free

If you think gunk or stains are your worst enemies when it comes to car interiors, you might be overlooking something that’s a bit more inconspicuous—dust. It’s everywhere, and it’s not as easy to clean. Check out these ten ways to keep everything in your car free from dust.

1. Clear Out the Rubbish

Before any game-changing cleaning can happen, you first have to take out any rubbish or unnecessary items from your car. This will clear up space for you to wipe the dashboard or clean the seats. Start with this, and you’ll have half of your work done.

2. Vacuum and Brush Combo

The dashboard and AC vents are the most notorious when it comes to accumulating dust. You can use a cheap paintbrush or a craft-store foam brush to remove the dust. Use a vacuum simultaneously so that the dust doesn’t settle somewhere else in the car.

3. Magic Eraser to Remove Sticky Things

Gunk and drips from saucy foods are not only unsightly but also attract a lot of dust when left uncleaned for a long time. They’re even harder to clean when they land on vinyl or leather. An easy fix is to gently rub Magic Eraser on the material until it’s spotless.

4. Toothbrush for Detail Scrubbing

Sometimes dirt and dust can be buried into the textures of your car interiors, and simply cleaning it with a damp cloth will just not do the trick. It may be necessary to do some detail scrubbing on it using an old toothbrush and a solution of water and dish soap.

5. Olive Oil for a Shiny Finish

After brushing the dust off your dashboard, it’s high time to give it a shiny finish. Olive oil is a good nonchemical alternative to polish a leather dashboard. Polishing also gives it a layer of protection so that dirt and dust don’t stick to it easily.

6. Vinegar Solution

Cleaning the inside window is as important as cleaning the outside. Dust and smears can reduce visibility, which may be dangerous for driving. In a spray bottle, mix vinegar with equal parts water. Spray the solution on the window, and dry with a clean cloth or with a handy squeegee.

7. Replace Your Air Filters

Your cabin’s air filters have the extraordinary jobs of keeping the air inside your car clean and odorless. They trap dust and dirt before they enter the vehicle, so it’s important to have them regularly replaced. Depending on your car, you might want to check your owner’s manual first if you have removable air filters.

8. DIY All-Purpose Cleaner for Seats

Seats are the worst. They cover a lot of space and are easily prone to dust and stains. Instead of a store-bought all-purpose cleaner, DIY a solution that’s part dish soap and part washing soda. Use an undyed washcloth when using the cleaner on your seats.

9. Floor Mats in the Washing Machine

Your car floor mat bears the brunt of the dirt from your shoes. If you don’t want to spend too much time scrubbing, you can just throw it in the washing machine with some stain remover. One good option is the WeatherTech floor liner, which don’t easily get wet or attract too much dust. You might want to get this mat instead.

10. Regular Cleaning

The more you use your car, the more it is exposed to outside elements. Pollen, dirt, and other pollutants from the environment get trapped in your car and add up over time. A sure way for dust to not accumulate inside your car is to clean it on a regular basis.

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