Three Ways to Create More Space for Your Growing Children

Ah, to be a parent. Though it can be stressful at times, it’s highly rewarding to watch our children grow. But if you’re worried about space, you don’t have to be – you could easily create more room within your home. A family property is often, after all, a special place.

To really open up yours, why not follow our top three tips?

1. Convert Your Loft

Could you do with an extra room for the kids to study or play in? Are their toys and books cluttering up the living room? If the answer to either question is yes, how about considering a loft conversion?

Transform this unused space into a bedroom, and you could massively free up room for your family. Install some cool décor – like a skylight blind or wall features – and your kids will likely be happy to move rooms. For reliable furniture, remember to look to specialists. Direct Blinds, for example, can guarantee high quality blinds.

Convert your loft, and your kids will have a place to store their favourite items – and as a result, they won’t be lying around the rest of the house or apartment. Convert your loft into a slumber pad, and you could build a airier home for your kids to grow in.

2. Have a Clear Out

If your home holds items that you no longer need, you’re almost definitely not alone. We all like to keep trinkets, souvenirs and other goods that we’ve collected over the years, especially if they’re connected to key family experiences.

However, these objects can easily pile up, eating up space as they do. But there may be a solution: have a deep clear out. And though it may sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be.

To master this task, plan ahead by making a list of items that could actually benefit your family, such as precious heirlooms or valuables.

That way, when you come to sort through items, you may find it easier to discard the ones that you, your partner and kids don’t actually need.

Once you’ve done this, you may be surprised at how spacious your home has become, and how much room you’ve created for you and your kids.

3. Find Storage Solutions

If you have hoards of items that you ne ed to store – even after a massive clear out – don’t panic. To deal with this effectively, you just need a clever storage unit. You could, for example, install some wall shelves, as these provide a holding area while freeing up floor space.

Alternatively, if you have heaps of important goods, why don’t you invest in a large storage unit near to your home? This could be particularly useful if you and your family still aren’t sure about what to hold on to or give away.

Whatever storage solution you all opt for, make sure that it will help you to create a more open home.

We all want a healthy, spacious home for our children – and luckily, this is easy to achieve. Follow these tips, and you can do just that.



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