Von Haus Copper rim Fire pit

I’ve actually always wanted one of these and so jumped at the chance to review one. I sort of put off buying one due to having young kids as fire pits in the garden don’t exactly ring those safety bells.

This fire pit from Von Haus arrived at a perfect time. The reason being is that I was hosting a bbq not long after it came. I already have a small kettle bbq in the shed but this is an absolute beauty and very big too.

Putting it up is quite easy, that is until I had to attach the big drum to the legs. It’s certainly a 2 person job as you need a third arm to hold it in place whilst the bolts go in.

This of course can be used as normal fire pit, to keep warm on chilly nights in the garden. It comes with a protective mesh lid and a poker. It’s made with strong durable heat resistant steel and it’s also fine for storing outside when not in use. The rain doesn’t seem to cause it much damage and again it’s large so a large shed would be needed to store it. It’s suitable for both logs and charcoal.

This fire pit also comes with a grill which turns it into a large bbq. The grill fits neatly inside the drum and the food goes on top.

As the drum is large, we found we had to use a lot more coal than usual and it gets extremely hot very quickly (which is perfect for a bbq really)

The only thing we had to be careful of is food slipping down the grill gaps which happened a few times. All my guests were really impressed with my new bbq/fire pit. Most commented on the size of it. It’s measurements are D91 X H56.5cm. Being round means it can be placed into a garden corner when not in use. I am already looking forward to using it again, both as a bbq and a heater in the colder weather.

Buy from Von Haus directly for Β£54.99.

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