5 Unique Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Party Favors


Delicious treats. Playmates and party games. Free stuff. All these make kiddie parties fun. But behind all those rewarding smiles is the savvy party mom who did her very best just to make everything perfect.

Indeed, party planning is no walk in the park. But it’s no rocket science either. There are plenty of ways to make your child’s kiddie party one to remember. From choosing mystical unicorn birthday decors to imposing a comics-themed costume party, there’s always something to dedicate your creative powers to.

Party favors are one such thing, for starters. A lot of parents don’t think much of party favors as a source of creative stimulation. But when given the right attention, these items can turn into one of the most fun kiddie party projects that can create a great impression of you as one creative party thrower.

To give you the inspirational nudge, here are some really enticing party favor ideas that can change the way you look at party giveaways.


Adopt-a-Plushie Party Favors

 For when you’re having animal-themed kiddie parties, bundle stuffed animal toys and plushies in a box or basket with a sign Adopt a Plushie on it, and place it by the exit or somewhere children can easily see and reach.

If your animal party theme is specific like dogs or squirrels or kitties, the sign can say Adopt a Puppy or Adopt a Pet Squirrel to fit the theme. This is usually a big hit for children who don’t have pets yet or want their own pets to have new companions.


Glitter Slime Party Favors

Want to know the number one criteria for what makes awesome party favors? They get used even after the party ends and not just stashed away in a box of home decors that moms put in the storage room.

It’s for this reason that toys make great choices for party favors. One particularly unique one is glitter slime.

You know how well kids enjoy working and manipulating things with their hands. A glitter slime is the perfect toy to keep them engaged and occupied, especially when you have to take them somewhere and they feel bored and fidgety.

It’s so easy to create your own glitter slime. For this project, you only need (a) glitter glue, (b) borax, and (c) water. You can stick to one color or mix different colors so the kids can choose.


A Box of Kawaii Treats

Few other food types entice a child’s appetite than candies. So if you have to say “Thank you,” bundle your gratitude in a box of these sweet treats that the kids will surely love. A kawaii subscription crate filled with the most delectable, mouth-watering delights will have them looking forward to your next party.


Coloring Books and Storybooks

Party favors can also be educational! Instead of choosing something more ordinary, go for something more meaningful and practical, like educational materials.


Coloring books or children’s storybooks are spectacular party favors that will, hopefully, be put to use by the kids in the future. Children are naturally curious individuals. With their parents’ guidance, they can start exploring the beauty of art and the written word through these simple yet fantastic little giveaways.


In fact, you can organize a coloring or storytelling activity if the party schedule allows and let everyone color or read together so the books themselves will remind them of that special event. Who knows, you may be inspiring artists and literary prodigies of the next generation.


Personalized Items for Sleepover Parties

Slumber parties are the best when you’re a kid. Make sure your children and their friends have something fantastic stories to look back to years after with creative personalized party-favor ideas that they will surely cherish as a token of fun nights and unforgettable friendships.


For instance, you can personalize small flashlights and hand them out to party guests as a party favor or buy pillows with solid colors and have the kids decorate them themselves with colorful Sharpies.

They will love doing something together aside from being able to exercise their creativity freely.


Final Word

To be able to entertain a child, you have to think like a child. Inspire your senses with these creative party-favor ideas to make your own imagination soar.


Got more ideas to share? Tell us in the comments below.


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