8 Ways to make your home more energy efficient

With the rising cost of electric bills, most of us happily welcome any tips on how we can reduce our energy use and pay less on our bills. Below are a few useful tips on how to bring down energy bills and also reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

1 – Switch to a Cheaper Tariff – If you have been with the same supplier and on the same tariff for years; then it’s perhaps time to shop around for a cheaper and better tariff. There are many comparison sites online where you can input your details and receive many quotes. This has saved many people hundreds of pounds. Many companies also offer a green energy tariff which means energy is then contributed via renewable sources to the grid.


2 – Solar Panels
These are a pricey investment, usually costing an initial £5000-£8000. However, the long term benefits may be financially better. Solar panels can work even when it’s cloudy or colder and there are different types of systems that work in different ways to reduce your energy bills. 


3 – Double GlazingMost homes do already have double glazing installed but for those who don’t or have windows that are many years old, getting it fitted or replaced could dramatically reduce those annual bills. Shopping around for quotes can save even more money. There are many companies who can install double glazing across the UK and Ireland. Turkington windows for instance are a good example of window installers in Dublin.


4 – Eco Kettle & other eco appliances Eco Kettle & other eco appliances – We all enjoy our daily cups of tea or coffee, but kettles are very wasteful when it comes to energy use and especially so if, like me, you boil the kettle with each brew. Eco kettles and other eco appliances use up to 30% less power. 


5 – Invest in better doorsInvest in better doors – If your home feels draughty and always cold, your doors may be the culprit. Both internal and external doors can be the cause of drafts and cold air seeping in, thus increasing the need to stick the heating on much more. When choosing a composite door  many features can be added to suit the style of your home. This type of door is made with high weather resistant features, triple glazed glass and other high technology features.


6 – Insulate cavity walls Uninsulated walls, usually found in older homes are a big cause of heat loss. Filling the walls will save a few hundred pounds each year. The initial cost is around £350 upwards but may be funded for free or low cost for those on certain benefits.


7 – Loft insulation by insulating your loft you could save up to £250 a year. Again, another pricey investment but worth it in the long run. 


8 – Change your habits This one comes free. By making small changes you can save money. Switch off lights, you don’t need them on during the day. Switch off the tv and other large gadgets/appliances by the plug. The only things that really need leaving on are the fridge freezer, home phone and router when you’re in bed or not home. Unplug chargers when not charging anything, this doesn’t just save energy but it’s also dangerous leaving them in. Invest in energy saving light bulbs and other energy saving low cost devices.

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