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Pork crackling has long been a well known British pub snack. It tastes similar to crisps but is actually made with pork rind. Yes the crispy skin you get on a joint of pork on Sunday dinner! That stuff then goes through a certain process with flavours added to give the much loved snack in a bag. As a child I remember the weekly Sunday pub visits before visiting the grandparents (personally I think it was just an excuse for my dad to have a beer!). My dad would always be munching on a bag of pork crackling and I’d always be wanting to try some.

Fast forward 30 years or more and pork cracking seems to be everywhere and infused with many new flavours. It’s even sold in gift packs and boxes for those piggy rind lovers.

If you like a bit of mustard with your pork then this gift jar is for you!

The comically named Snaffling pig company specialise in piggy products and have many flavours in their pork crackling packs. Their marvellous maple is certainly a very unusual one, it’s a bit like putting honey on the pork. They also sell fresh gammon in packs along with a selection of sauces and beers & cider to wash it all down with.

So pork crackling is no longer just a thing you find in pubs and bars to munch on whilst supping a pint, it can be bought from the shops and supermarkets just like a bag of crisps or sweets and enjoyed anytime like when watching a movie just like a tub of popcorn. Snaffling pig sells lots of porky snacks and other things and it can all be purchased via their website.

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