Aquabeads – Box of Fun Safari

You may have spotted the tv advert for this one. We certainly did and my daughter was very eager to give it a go through the Easter holidays.

It’s a large full aquabeads set. You get the large storage box which comes in handy to store everything in. You also get 2 trays, lots of animal safari templates and over 3000 beads in many colours.

The bead tray, as you can see; has so many different sections and on this picture here we hadn’t even opened half of the included beads.

The theme of course is safari animals and there are lots of them to make. The making trays are slightly different this time too.

One side is for placing the template under and the other has pre made animals in the plastic tray. Unlike other sets that we have had, these new trays make it easier to remove the aquabead designs once finished. We made them as normal, sprayed, but instead of just leaving them to dry; we attached another plastic sheet to the tray which lifts the finished aquabead off and can then be put aside whilst it dries. This means we can instantly make another one on the same tray.

These are some of Izebellas creations. A snail and the crocodile which didn’t quite go to plan but I can still tell what it’s meant to be. The finished designs slide straight off these special boards once dry. There is no need to pick or scrape them off.

And these are some more designs that can be made with this huge set. There is even a safari background picture included in the box too.

This set costs approximately Β£15-Β£20 from most good toy stores and Amazon.

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