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This month marks a year since the government introduced the sugar tax. A tax on food that’s more sugary. It was not the most popular move but was implemented to help promote more fealty lifestyles.

Are you aware of how much sugar you or your family consumes on a daily basis? If you were to write it all down and add it all up, then the results would probably shock you. Sugar is contained in most foods, the worst offenders obviously being the ones we can taste it in, such as sweets, chocolate, fizzy pop etc, but it’s also in many foods and drinks where we wouldn’t necessarily expect sugars to be. Sugar can also come in many other names to disguise it as something not as bad,

Too much sugar in our bodies can contribute to many health problems and risks. Obesity is at an all time high in the UK and this sadly includes child obesity too. Being overweight comes with its own problems such as bigger risks of heart problems and diabetes to name just a few. Sugar is also the number one cause of dental problems including cavities and dental abscess’. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to have a dental access then you’ll never forget just how painful they are.

In a perfect world our children would all be drinking water, milk and nothing else beside. Most children get fed up of drinking just water at around 4 years old and are curious to try what others are drinking and then soon get a taste for the sweeter drinks.

Pomegreat recently got in touch with me and asked if I would trial their new pomegreat juice. This is a natural fruit juice made with pomegranates. It comes in litre cartons and available in most supermarkets. Tesco currently have a 2 for Β£2.00 offer on their cartons. You can find it in the cartoned juice aisles (not refrigerators). Pomegreat cartons can be stored in cupboards until opened. Then it’s best putting them in the fridge.

Pomegreat is a sweet drink, however they is absolutely no added sugar or any sort of artificial sweetener. The drink instead is sweetened by something called Stevia. This is a natural occurring sweetener which is harvested solely from the leaves of the stevia plant. It’s also known as the honey herb.

Pomegreat is also packed full of many vitamins, all of which assist certain parts and functions of our bodies.

You can see my vlog of pomegreat below.

Pomegreat recommends keeping sugar diaries to monitor your families sugar intake so you can work out ways to cut down. Templates can be found online or simply use a notebook.

Pomegreat juice is very sweet, but it’s all natural. If you find it too sweet then there is no harm in adding a bit of water to dilute it slightly. I do this for my 6 year old who finds the sweetness a bit much. I actually really enjoy drinking it and especially so when I need a bit of refreshment.

Last year – 2018, pomegreat launched several you tube campaigns promoting sugar free week and sugar free lunch boxes. Here is just one of those campaign videos.

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