Visiting Brazil

With all the current uncertainty and speculation around Brexit, and how it may or may not affect European travel plans; it’s no wonder that many people in the UK are opting for travel destinations that are a little further afield. South America has become a more popular choice for travel over the last few years.

Brazil is a huge country in South America. It is the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations include Rio de Janiro and Sao Paula. It is a beautiful country boasting postcard perfect beaches and shores.

The temperatures in most Brazilian cities rarely dip below 20C making it an all year round sun worshippers destination. The only exception being the more southern and mountain regions which are much colder and regular get snow.

The beautiful beaches are just a tiny part of what this amazing country has to offer to its visitors. There are jungles to explore, rainforests full of diverse and rarely seen wildlife, small villages, many shops, restaurants and bars, pumping nightlife, mountains, hikes, waterfalls and canyons to name just a few of the amazing things to see and do in Brazil.

This is the Cascata do Caracol. It’s obvious to see why it attracts so many visitors. It’s natural beauty is unique and unlike anything we have here in the UK.

Travelling from the UK

Flights – A flight from the UK to Rio de Janeiro takes just under 12 hours direct, so be prepared for a long flight. Other areas of Brazil may have slightly different flight times.

Cost – Costs vary and it’s best to shop around different travel agents to get the best deal. There are many tour type holidays available for those who want to explore and many package deals for those who go for the sun.

Visa – Yes you need a visa when travelling to Brazil and most other countries in South America. You also need a valid passport with six months remaining and a blank page for the entry visa stamp.

Departure tax – Like many other countries, there is a departure fee. This is $40 US dollars. It may be included in the cost of your plane ticket.

Health – Disease risks in Brazil include Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow fever, and Hepatitis A & B. You are more at risk if you go off the so called “beaten path” which means anywhere that isn’t considered a tourist spot. There are no necessary vaccines to travel here but it’s recommended getting medical advice.

Insurance – Insurance is needed whenever you travel abroad. It covers you for illness, accidents, medical emergencies, flight delays and theft. It’s a good idea to do lots of research on travelling to Brazil and what health insurance you need.

Staying Safe

Brazil is a beautiful diverse country but it has its fair share of problems.

Crime is high in many areas of Brazil, especially the tourist spots. Thieves operate on busy beaches so it’s important to limit the amount of cash you have on you and also to keep expensive items hidden – including cameras, phones and jewellery. Any valuables should be kept securely in a hotel safe.

The murder rate and other personal crimes are also high in Brazil. It’s important to stay in groups where possible and not venture out of your resorts grounds alone when dark.

Poverty in Brazil is apparent in most large cities. Areas known as Favelas which is the Portuguese for slum exist in many places. There is usually very little security or protection in these places and visiting these areas can be very dangerous.


When visiting another country it’s important to know that the laws will usually differ to those in your own country. Brazil has its own local laws which include – Not using cell phones in banks and not wearing helmets in buildings. Drugs and drug trafficking is rife and the penalty for being caught with drugs is very severe. Prisons in Brazil are a totally different world from those in the UK.

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    I’ve always thought of Brazil as a beautiful county but it’s also been a place that I would have been quite apprehensive about actually visiting. πŸ™‚

    Sarah ? || Boxnip || Latest Post

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