8 Ways to a Classier Office Décor

No one likes going to work every day, tirelessly working in our office. We all look forward to our weekend where we get to do a whole bunch nothing and finally take a breather. We cannot change the nature of the work, be it anything form crunching number to filing documents to preparing a presentation, we have to do it whether we like it or not.

But what we can change is the office décor. It is a fact that great working space is always behind the productivity of the workers. We cannot reduce the work but we certainly can tweak the area to create an environment and atmosphere to create a more inspiring working space –something that would, at the very least, make anyone feel less averse to the staying at their office. Each element of an environment add to and impacts on the work day.

1. Mute the colors- Deciding on the color palate is an important decision, and for any office, it is important that the colors are not too loud or obnoxious. Muting the colors does not mean that there are any fewer choices, it just means that the color should not be distracting or disruptive to work. It might be a little silly to believe but colors have a great impact on our mind, in a manner that is almost sneaky. There are a number of choices for the colors like soothing shades of blue, or the refreshing lightness of green. Once the theme and color palette is set then all the other elements naturally fall into line.


2. Make room for some greenery –Plants are always a great addition to any space. They are great ways to make a room appear fresh and lively, not only making the air quality better but also gives rise to a better mood. Better mood means better work. Cactus can be a strange but endearing choice for an office; it is a plant that can survive in a desert –what’s more inspiring than that? There are a lot of options available with plants –like a colorful flower plant, or a scented plant, etc. A scented candle can do the work of bringing greenery while also making the space more aromatic.


3. Place a statement piece –This to go for a quintessential modern look. One statement piece to be place in a rather minimalistic surrounding can bring attention to that piece making it a wonderful statement of art. It can be great for if one is looking to do more with less. However, if too much extravagance is not a choice then a small piece on the table or work station can be a starting point or a way to try out what works for décor and what does not.


4. Pieces of artwork –Placing pieces of artwork around the office can be a sight for work-tired eyes. It also provides a balance to the too strict work atmosphere that is present in every office. A piece of artwork is only to stimulate the sense of sign. It is not something that might go along with the theme of simplicity and minimalism. It obviously should not be something that is inappropriate or too unappealing for a workplace unless the work is related to something like artworks or animation. It is still better to be careful about what is put in the workplace to maintain its sanctity.


5. Bring in the lights –In an office, the lighting is an important factor. Working in a place without proper lighting can be a very straining experience. Bad lighting can also make the mood drowsier and irritable when working, which can be really counterproductive when aiming for productivity. Getting the perfect light can be a source of an energetic vibe while also being a practical necessity.


6. Memo Board &Goal Board –Having the goal and target clear and visible right in front of your eyes can be a great motivator. The placement of the board can be crucial to its impact on the morale of a person. It should not be in a placed in a manner that it looks too imposing but in a place where it inspires and motivates quietly by simply reminding if the work that is in progress or that is left to be done or accomplished.


7. Adding warmth to the look –An office does not necessarily have to be a space full of leather brown, black, grey, etc. Instead of going for a seemingly lifeless theme, getting a wood paneling can give a look that is warm and closer to nature while looking stunning and fabulous. Getting a fish tank with lighting around it can be a showstopper in an office –it would be great to look at fishes swimming around freely in their fish tanks. The look would be carefree which would set any mind at ease in just a few moments.


8. Get some trendy wall décor –There are a lot of options to work with walls. Getting a well-painted wall with a design that is related to the type of work that a company does can add a great touch to the décor of the place. An example would of walls painted with paintings of animated character if it the work done in the office is related to animation or design of video game character if the work is related to video games. Another idea would be to get some gorgeous wall paneling, an acoustic felt wall panel or get some gorgeous wall paneling –whatever suits the overall aesthetic of the workspace. Offices usually have wall paintings or some painting centered to the main wall but a 3D structure or design is something that is unique and different and would provide an equally if not more stunning look.

Bringing the best out of workspace can be a great way to contribute to the productivity of work and eventually bring out the best in people too.

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