Strange illness after dental treatment

Well this all began last Thursday with a trip to the dentist for the second half of a deep clean treatment, you know the one where they clean deep into the gum line and so need to make sure your mouth is real numb? Well this time it was the left side of my mouth. I had 12 individual jabs of the Novocain a few of which bloody hurt, especially at the front and right up near the nose. The treatment went fine, no probs at all and then I went home.

Not long after getting home and still very numb, I started feeling unwell. Very sleepy, aching, very cold, shivers etc. I put it down to the numbness and slept most of the day. The numbness took at least 5 hours to wear off and I began to feel worse as the day went on. The next day even worse and over weekend full on flu symptoms minus the runny nose. My throat is sore, coughing, severe chills, shakes, sweats, loss of appetite, my mouth full of ulcers and canker sores so eating isn’t a viable option and nor is talking much. It’s now 5 days since the dentist and I’m feeling no better.

I’d go to the doctors but I don’t have the energy to get there. The only thing that temporarily helps are painkillers for the odd hour or two. Yes I’m drinking but that’s about it.

I have no idea what this is, but surely it has to do with the dental treatment somehow.

If I owe you a feature etc please bare with me. Thanks


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  1. Iris Tilley
    March 6, 2019 / 10:01

    Sounds like a bad reaction following the dentist treatment. Maybe it hit a nerve or jabbed in wrong place or some leaked into your blood stream.

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