Quick Tips For A Garden Kids Will Adore

Kids have a beautiful way of making the boring something spectacular. The garden can be a giant wilderness, and an unexplored island filled with treasure or the pitch where they score all of their best goals and the crowd goes wild.

Even an overgrown garden can be amazing. But, gardens can be a bit tiresome to maintain all the time. Because after they have finished being the unexplored island, or the rainforest jungle, they will need weeding and mowing. But, there are few things that you can do to keep the garden an adventure wonderland but cut back on the maintenance.

If you love seeing the kids in the garden as often as possible, even in the late autumn and winter months, you might often get a little sad about the lack of green. Especially if you are prone to taking those gorgeous winter sun photos of the kids. Swapping out some of the seasonal shrubbery and hedges and replacing them with evergreens is one of the quickest ways to always have that lovely green pop in your garden.

Ditch mowing. Millions of people love the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, and while there is some joy to be found it that, there is more joy in never needing to mow the grass. Swapping your real grass for artificial turf from Lazylawn will ensure that you never need to mow the grass (or complain it hasn’t been done) ever again. Always green, always beautiful and always ready to accommodate your budding sports stars score their best goals.

Be the treasure keeper. We all have nooks in trees, roots, outhouses, and borders that are perfect hiding places for treasures. If it is coming up to those long summer holidays, a week ahead of the school being out, head into the garden loaded up with goodies. Coins, trinket boxes, notes in bottles, painted pebbles, fairies, dinos – anything that your kiddos will love to dig up.

Playhouse. If you don’t already have one, then you might love this tip. Very often they can be double the price of a much larger (and more basic) garden shed. Head to your local garden center, check out the prices and while you’re there get some colored wood paint. Create your own bespoke outdoor escape for the kids. Use outdoor fairy lights around the roof, and a couple of outdoor beanbags to add extra comfort.

Turn gardening into a game. When you know, it’s time to pull the weeds, print off a picture of the weeds that need removing and send the children out with the aim to get the most. Of course, there will be ice cream for everyone who takes part in the game! Giving the kids their own mini gardening kits, and wheelbarrows will aid your quest even further.

If you live a city, where parks and nature reserves aren’t all that close by, a garden can be the perfect antidote to the kids (and you) feeling cooped up for too long. So let them roam free in your little adventure wonderland.

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