Feeling spoilt today

Well today I got so many lovely parcels and packages. The couriers were non stop. So I thought I’d share some of the things I got. A lot of unboxing videos will also be up shortly to watch over on my You tube channel so please look out for them and subscribe.

Now none of these things I’m about to show are review products or any sort of campaign I’m doing. They are all from Facebook group tags and swaps.

1) First from a group called Christmas Kindness, which runs all year not just Christmas!

These gifts are from tags and group wishes, from two different ladies. The fairy dish is stunning and the unicorn pamper goodies will be well used.

2) Another group that I’m an active member of on Facebook is Wish upon a star UK. This box is a secret sister swap and I’m really impressed with this one as they have really taken the time to look through my likes rather than sending any old crap! Yes unfortunately that does happen on groups like this, tho not that often.

I love all these goodies!!

3) Last but certainly not least – My boxes from The Secret Gift Exchange group. This group works slightly differently to the others. Each month you opt in to send boxes to matched people. It’s like a monthly secret sister but the Main box’s each have to be a minimum valued of Β£25. You also have to put a Β£1 in to sign up but it’s well worth it. Don’t worry if Β£25 sounds too much either as they also run monthly mini and themed boxes too starting at just Β£10 minimum value.

This was in my first box. I was honestly squealing like a kid at Xmas when I unwrapped this beautiful doll.

Yes it’s a real Living Dead doll and being a weird strange person, I’ve been wanting one for ages.

This is my 2nd box, yes I’m greedy and wanted two!

Again a box full of amazing stuff that I love. I love anything witchy, pagan, fairy, unique, Disney and I love all my parcels today!

Thank you ladies! ❀️❀️❀️

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