Fun Games to Play in the Pool with Your Child

Swimming is a life survival lesson and introducing this skill to your child is crucial. Look for games and fun activities that make it easier for your baby or child to enjoy swimming. Swimming is a good type of exercise and relaxes your body and that of your child. Here, we look at 5 great games for babies and young children to enjoy in the pool with mom or dad.

1. Motorboat front float

The motorboat front baby floats game is used to train your baby how to be comfortable in a swimming position. The game is played by placing your baby on a flat position on top of the water. You need to place your hands under your baby’s arms for support and walk backwards allowing your baby to enjoy the slow ride. To make the game interesting, you can chant the song lyrics and make swimming fun for your baby. When you sing the last line, you can encourage your kid to kick their feet and make a little splash.

2. Traffic lights

For your older kid who can support themselves in the pool, this is the perfect game for them to learn how to kick the water and propel themselves. Make sure that your child is holding on to something and is in the shallow end of the pool. When your child is steady enough and has built enough confidence you can start calling the traffic lights. Make sure that your child knows what each colour means so that they can keep up with you. The red light in most cases means to stop kicking and float on the water; the yellow light means that your child can start kicking slowly but steadily and the green light means that your child has the permission to kick as hard as they can.

3. Blowing bubbles

In this game, you want to teach your baby how to hold their breath underwater and take control of their breathing. When playing this game, you need to submerge your head in the water and blow bubbles while submerged. Then come out of the water and encourage your kid to do the same. This game aims at making your child comfortable inside the water and lets them know that you can have fun. You reassure them that being underwater does not make them drown, but it’s good for them to control their breathing.

4. Treasure hunting

Most people will tell you that they learned how to dive using this game. The game aims at improving your child’s swimming skills, breathe control and diving skills. However, this game is best played with older kids who already have basic knowledge of how to swim and float. Grab some items that can sink in the water and ask your kids to dive and get the treasure; you can use specially-designed pool toys which sink. They are usually brightly colored to make them more visible in the water. Time your kids while they dive in the water and see how long it takes them to retrieve the treasure, as they perfect their skill keep giving them a time limit to beat.

5. Splashing game

For your baby who has not learned how to swim yet, you need to find them some games that make them feel comfortable in the water. Everybody loves a splash and competing who can make the biggest splash is always fun. The game is also perfect if you are aiming at tiring your baby and making them take a nap after your swim.


Introduce your kids to swimming in style and make them fall in love with water. All these games are fun, enjoyable and make you connect with your child.

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