SWAK Kissable key chains

As it’s Valentine’s Day again, I thought I’d show you all these today!

No it’s not one of my valentines gifts, as yet again I didn’t get any. These are actually something that my girls have been using recently!

They are kissable keychains and named SWAK which stands for “sealed with a kiss” incase you didn’t already know. They come from the Wowwee company who are also behind the fingerlings and other well known toys.

There are all these designs to choose from, and we have 3 of them.

In the pack you get one lip keychain and a postcard. The kissing chains come with batteries already included. Switch them on, put them to your lips and they make kissing and silly sounds.

And yes that’s pretty much what they do. But as there’s a few of them, it means they are quite collectible and especially so amongst the girls.

The keychains that hold the kissy lips are also in heart shape making them the perfect thing to show today.

These cost Β£5.99 each so remain affordable pocket money type gadget toys.

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