Disney wicked women puzzle Ravensburger

I’ve really gone off doing jigsaws and puzzles recently. I mean they look good at the end but are so time consuming and frustrating and as most of us have experienced at some point – you get to the end and there’s that one piece missing from the box – Disaster! So when I get offered any sort of puzzle feature, it has to be something really fab that catches my eye or I know I’ll just not do it otherwise. Something just like this one did.

Well just look at those images of well known Disney female baddies and who wouldn’t love one of these?

There are a thousand pieces to find and click together of course and it’s one of those pieces that once done you have to kick yourself for not investing in some jigsaw glue and a large board as it’s just such a lovely picture.

This delight from the well renowned puzzle people – “Ravensburger” features the female loveable rogues including – Cruella, Ursula, Maleficient, queen of hearts, and the evil queen/witch from Snow White. Certainly a bunch of women you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Being a thousand pieces means it’s more for adults and patient teens (if there are any) it’s a little difficult and time consuming for more younger children but they will probably want to help being its a Disney theme.

As always with Ravensburger it’s top notch quality puzzle pieces with the soft click technology which means a very soft click can often be heard as the pieces are joined together.

You can buy this from many toy and puzzle stores and online. Prices range between £10-£15.

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