Which type of sofa is best for your home?

There are hundreds of sofa designs to choose from, but all follow the same basic shape and structure, making it hard to choose between them. The only main differences come in the materials used – two similar sofas could be two completely different levels of comfort, stain resistance and stability. But which type of sofa is best for your home?

Tuxedo Sofa

These usually have a back that’s the same height and shape as the arms, making it look very rectangular and low-to-the-ground. They’re very good at catching people’s eyes, especially in bright colours, and don’t have a heavy back that children can climb on. The low shape makes Tuxedos much harder to top over, so they’re surprisingly safe if you can find one with a strong frame inside it.

Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are a more general type, but they’re still quite modern, so you usually see them made with modern designs. You can use them to fill corners perfectly without having to buy who different sofas and have plenty of room for people to lie down if needed, but they also take up much more space.

Chaise End

Like a modular corner sofa, a Chaise End is a regular sofa with an extension at one side. These are great if you want a bit more flexibility, but you might still struggle to fit it into smaller rooms. The extended section makes them look a little bit more modern than a corner sofa, even though they’re the same shape.

Snuggler Sofa

‘Snugglers’ are meant for two people, usually couples – they’re much shorter than other sofas and don’t have enough space to lie on, but they can work really well in smaller rooms or areas full of other furniture. A lot of them have very puffy cushions on the seat, so they’ll usually stay comfortable for a long time.

Georgian Sofas

These sofas are very straight and use thin cushions, so they’re quite firm and solid. This might sound uncomfortable, but they’re great for a family member who might need more back support or something to keep them from slouching, and the flat arms make it easy to fit into smaller spaces.


Chesterfield Sofas

Chesterfield sofas have a very long history and are known for their high quality, and usually have a low seat that straightens your back much more than other sofas. A lot of them will have deep buttons on the material, which doesn’t make it any less comfortable to sit on. They can take up a lot of space in smaller rooms, but the history and style behind them are more than worth the longer length.

Modular Sofa / Sectional Sofa

These modular blocks are great for rooms that constantly need to be re-arranged, and are far less dangerous if they tip over. Make sure you do your research before buying, though. Not all of them will be able to attach to one another, depending on who made them.

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