The Ultimate Guide To Clearing Out All Of Your Junk For Good

Are you sick of junk in your home? Maybe it’s taking over your drawers and cabinets and you’re struggling to find a place to put new stuff that you actually need. You’re not alone! Many households are overrun with junk that they don’t really need, but for whatever reason are struggling to part with.

Below, we’ll discuss a few ways you can effectively clear out all of your junk for good:

1) Choose a Category To Start With – Not A Room

You’re probably thinking that you have so much junk you don’t even know where to start – well, here’s an effective tip for you. Instead of starting with a room, start with a category. Usually, your clothes are the best category to start with, as you are least emotionally attached to them. You should be able to go through your items fairly painlessly, as long as you don’t allow yourself to get distracted. You can then move on to other categories, leaving the ones you are most emotionally attached to last, such as cards, souvenirs, and other mementos. When you do it room by room, it’ll usually take you a lot longer as various items can sneak into rooms around the home and it’ll feel like you never stop clearing out your junk!

2. Figure Out What To Do With Items You’re Not Sure About

If you’re genuinely not sure what to do about an item, you have a few options. You could see if you can leave it with a friend or family member if they have room, and see how you get along without the item. If you get along ok, then you know you can safely get rid of the item without wishing you hadn’t! Similarly, if you forget all about the item, you can feel confident that getting rid of it is the right thing to do. If you haven’t got anybody close to you who would allow you to use their home like this, you can always look into a service like to store your items until you know what you are doing with them. This can also be helpful if you’re redecorating your home or trying to make it look great for a viewing if you’re looking into selling.

3. Get Some Outside Help

Sometimes, you may need an objective eye to help you – somebody who isn’t attached to your belongings in the same way as you, who will tell you when you need to get rid of something. This can be great if you suspect you are developing a bit of an issue and it’s all getting on top of you – of course, if you are a hoarder then you should look into getting psychological advice. However, most of the time a friend can help you to see things for what they really are.

4. Be Vigilant With What You Bring Into Your Home

Make sure that in the future you’re vigilant with what you bring into your home. Make sure it’s either beautiful or useful, or don’t bring it in at all!

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