Ravensburger Break Free game

This is a really unusual family game. A game of lock-picking and speed and that’s basically all it is.

There is no board, no counters, no dice, cards or timer. Instead there are 4 sets of handcuffs.

The cuffs fit round one arm of each player. The other side of the cuff is the lock. There are 3 lock levels, starting with the green colour which is easiest. The green piece slots into the lock, the cuffs get closed around the wrists, then all chained together as in the picture above.

Each player has a plastic lock-pick. A 3,2,1 is called and players must race to try and pick their locks first and break free of the cuffs.

The tokens are then given in order of finishing. The first to finish receiving the highest numbered token of that round and the last one gets the zero token.

Picking the green lock felt fairly easy but picking the red and yellow locks were much more difficult. The coloured lock pieces have maxes inside them. There are certain different methods for each piece and as you never know which piece will be in your cuffs, it means picking the lock is different each time you play. It’s not just a case of putting in the key and jiggling it about, but more lifting, turning, pushing, then lifting again in the correct direction to unlock it.

Once the green cuff is unlocked, the round re starts with the red and yellow locks.

And if you really do get stuck then don’t worry because there is the fast open slot at the bottom of each handcuff.

It does not require four people to play. Two players can play just as well, you just need to adjust the tokens so there is one winner and one loser. I guess even single players can play too and perhaps time themselves on breaking free.

It takes on average 15/20 minutes to complete all 3 rounds. The game is suitable for children ages 5 and over. RRP Β£19.99.

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