Halloween Haribo

It’s Halloween time again. And very soon those pesky little creatures will be banging on the door wanting treats and sweets and lots of sugary stuff.

Well you can refuse to answer, and you can tell them to go away! Or you can have a cauldron full of Haribo awaiting for them to stick their little sticky fingers inside.

This is our cauldron. It’s full of bats, spiders, cobwebs, orange concoction and buried deep inside it are the terrifying Haribos!

All of these, complete with the orange packaging worm thing come from the spooky place of Haribo who seem to love Halloween as much as we do! Returning are the classic Tangtastic mix which make the pesky children pull strange faces. Then we have the Scaremix which contain an assortment of weird looking things. The Super party and Trick or Treat multi packs are perfect for sharing amongst Halloween callers or your own little elves. The MaoMix X are full on chew bars of various frightening sizes!

All of these terrifyingly good sweets can be found in spooky aisles of supermarkets amongst the ghost and zombie bits and pieces. What a shame they have to be given out to those pesky callers!

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