Helping a Friend through a difficult Breakup

Having been through a very difficult breakup myself a few years back, I know just how important having a good friend around can be.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Quite frankly, there’s never a time where your help will be more appreciated than when she is going through a tough breakup. Whether she realises it or not, the fact that her world is in a spin could lead to some very poor decisions. Having you by her side should provide a huge sense of comfort at this time.

From your perspective, then, the most important thing is to ensure that you provide the best possible support. That’s the least she deserves, and here’s how to get it right in just four easy steps.

Support Her Health

Nothing is more important than your friend’s health, as problems here will impact virtually every other aspect. First and foremost, cooking a few meals and ensuring that she stays hydrated will have a telling influence. Your support shouldn’t end there, though.

The stress is likely to take a toll on her mind. Therefore, passing on this knowledge on how to fight migraines can be hugely beneficial. Similarly, encouraging her to join you in an activity that takes her mind off of things for a short while is advised.

When she’s fit and healthy, she’ll be in a far stronger position for the battles ahead.

Seek Legal Advice

Aside from the heartache, your friend will have to think about the financial and practical fallout. This is especially true if she had kids or a mortgage with her partner, but can still ring true in other relationships. She doesn’t only deserve closure; she deserves it ASAP.

The best family law solicitors can help negotiate those difficult issues in a fast and efficient fashion. In addition to helping her get the right outcome, merely knowing what to expect in the weeks and months ahead should put her on a better track.

Celebrate Her Worth

It’s likely that your friend’s confidence will be at an all-time low. By injecting a sense of positivity into her world, you can stop those self-doubts from creeping in. We all have wonderful traits and skills. Encourage her to take note of hers and realise that she is still the great person as always.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to encourage the idea of being happily single. If love does arrive, that’s great. Nonetheless, being happy in herself is far more significant at this time. Besides, this is a chance to do things that were not possible during the relationship.

Be Loyal

Given your closeness to your friend, it’s very possible that you shared a good bond with the partner too. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the fact that you’ll need to take sides, at least in the early phases. Your loyalty is perhaps the greatest support of all at this time.

Where possible, cutting communication with her ex is for the best. If, however, you work together or bump into each other, you need to avoid disclosing details. This info could be used against your friend either in court or as emotional blackmail. Do not let this be an issue.

You can be the barrier that stops the ex getting through to your friend. Be sure to fulfil those duties in style.

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