Home touches that kids will absolutely love

Your kids are the biggest part of your life, and you wouldn’t be without them for the world! Sure, they can be loud, and create a lot of mess, but they bring all kinds of positive and creative energy into your home, and you find yourself thriving off of their inane questions and what they make out of playdough. And because of this, you want to centre your life around them a little more, to make sure they’re always feeling happy and healthy within their own home, and never pushed out of the family decision making process.

One of the best ways to do this is to add in a few changes to your home’s layout, and all the fun or aesthetic features that make you happy to stand in the kitchen and appreciate just how good the counter tops look. So here’s a couple of ideas over some small home renovations or furniture additions your kids are going to love


Kids love to explore, so let your home foster their creativity from the beginning!

An Outside Play Area

Being able to go outside and immediately enter a jungle of your own making is something every kid out there will love, even when they hate playing in the mud we usually see on the playground! So to make sure your kids are happy to go outside, to make sure they spend more time in the sun, making sure their legs are strong and healthy as they use them more and more, introduce a play area to your home.

Even when you aren’t blessed with too much room, you can still turn your outside space into a wonderland of childhood imagination. Companies like Contemporary Architects are sure to help you out with this – even just designing a hatch of greenery is perfect for letting the kids sit and play around in!

Secret Hatches

Speaking of hatches, if there’s a secret hatch in your home (probably up to the attic), you can be sure your child wants to open it up and explore it. So instead of coming home to an unfortunate accident of a broken leg or a broken attic ladder, why not install such hatches in their rooms instead?

When they have a small and secret space to sit down in and read their books or play with their dolls, they’re going to feel like their home is truly for them. And no sibling can come barging in to muck up their space!

A Stylish Bed

And no, not in the way we’d consider a King Size with a headboard stylish! A stylish bed is one that has a fun design to it, or one that sleeps high off the ground with plenty of space beneath it, or one that simply has a design feature you wouldn’t expect. Maybe something like a slide to get them out of bed in the morning?

Kids will love additions like these – ones that will truly turn their house into a magical home.

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