Ravensburger junior labyrinth

We were sent the junior version of the popular Labyrinth game from Ravensburger. It is a smaller and easier version of the original labyrinth game and aimed at younger players.

There is a game board which has several squares already placed. 17 maze cards, 12 treasure tokens and 4 ghosts which are the playing pieces.

There is no dice or spinner with labyrinth. Instead it’s all down to the tile cards. Each card will have part of a pathway on it and 12 tiles have images on them, which are the same images as the treasure tokens. 16 cards need placing onto the board to form a maze. The cards can be placed in any way. To make the game more fun, it’d probably best not to make the paths connect.

A treasure token is revealed and players have to find a way to the treasure on the board. There will be one spare tile. Each player takes turns and inserts the spare tile anywhere where there is an arrow. They then move the existing row of tile cards along to form new paths and connections. Then the player will move their ghost piece. The idea is to carefully work out which pathway to move to either get close to the treasure or stop other players from getting to it before you. The card that is ejected from the sliding tile path is the one that the next player will play with and so on. Once the treasure token is reached the winning player keeps the token and play carries on until all the tokens are won.

I wasn’t too sure if Izebella would understand it as it’s different to other games we have played, but I was wrong. She picked it up instantly and actually beats me most of the time. She’s even able to quickly work out which is the best move and she’s only just turned 6.

It’s a game for 1-4 players. I think it’s possible to play solo too. The age guide is 5 and over. Being a junior version does mean it is an easy game and only takes about ten minutes per game.

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