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So you’ve just got the much anticipated upgrade and a brand new shiny latest model iPhone. It’s great but you now have two iPhones. Ask yourself! Do you really need two? Yes many people keep one as a spare just incase but what you need to remember is that iPhones are pretty tough, add a good inexpensive case and a tough screen protector and your pretty much protected from screen breaks. All new iPhones now also come waterproof.

Many parents do pass on old iPhones and other unused apple devices to their children to use, but what if you don’t have children or if your child already has a decent enough device?

Yes I know, most of you are probably thinking eBay. But here’s the thing. eBay is good for selling and your device will no doubt sell. However you need to take into account both the eBay selling fees and PayPal fees which will both take a huge chunk from your selling total.

A better way to make money and recycle your old apple devices is to use an online trade in service such as “Cheap apples UK”.

Cheap apples UK will give you money for your old apple device. To see how much you can get you just need to input the model of your i device and it will give you the amount. I’ve had a play around with it and found that the trade in amounts are really reasonable and much better than if you was to take it to a mobile phone store who buy phones or a store such as cash generator.

Once you accept the trade in price, you then need to create an account. Both an order receipt and free post label are emailed to you and once the device is received and checked, payment is usually made within 24 hours. It’s easy money for gadgets that would otherwise just be sat in drawers gathering dust.

They accept iPhones from the 4S to the latest models, iPads 2 and up and apple watches series 1,2,3. An unwanted iPhone 6 for an example will get you anything from Β£101 upwards which is actually more than what many mobile networks offer for a trade in.

So if you find an old (working) iPhone lying around unused then why not trade it in and get some cash before Christmas.

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