Rustic Farmhouse ideas worth exploring

The farmhouse is basically a house that is attached to a farm. In other words, the main house in which a farmer lives. Usually, the farmhouses are in the form of traditional style. They have their own type of appearance. Of late, it is admired by many people.

The rustic farmhouse has marked their place in the designing industry. Some people who own houses in cities also have farmhouses. Those farmhouses are maintained by others, and the owners visit them occasionally during their holidays. Hence, the farmhouse has importance when it comes to interior and exterior designing.

The interior and exterior industry have given special and an important space for rustic decors. The rustic designs suit the best for farmhouses. The blend of modern and rustic decors make the farmhouse look updated, whether the farmhouse is built earlier or newly built. So, here are some rustic farmhouse ideas worth exploring this year:

Wooden Welcome board

The wood is definitely the required material to bring the rustic look to the place. A welcome board enhances the look of the farmhouse. It makes the entrance welcoming and warm. Even the petty mistakes made in the interior or exterior designing are overcome when the entrance creates a good impression.

Old stairs with potted plants

The staircase is usually portable ones in farmhouses. Use that staircase or wooden ladders like a stand for potted plants or trees. Make it more interesting and effortless by using artificial outdoor trees. Use artificial outdoor flowers to make the ladder look colorful. Colorful ladder creates an exciting atmosphere around it.

Reuse cable spool table

If you prefer adding brighter decors to the place, then this is a good idea. An upcycled wooden cable spool is good enough to serve as a table. Place artificial outdoor trees or artificial outdoor flowers on them. They make it look rustic and elegant too.

Tin porch containers

The metal tins which are considered to be waste are good enough to become the plant container. The paint tins, food tins, and powder tins come in different sizes. Some of them are large in size and hence will hold artificial outdoor trees larger in size, like palm trees, banyan trees and many more. Place them at the entrance for at the corners of the house.

Rusted plates for number boards

You will find many rusted plates or materials which look like non-reusable things, but they are reusable if you paint them. Cut the rusted plates in the letters or numbers you want and nail them on the front wall. It is the best décor for a rustic farmhouse.

Flower container turned the lantern

Use the lanterns which are not used anymore to hold flowers. This is no cost idea for having hangers or baskets for flowers. Use outdoor artificial flowers and fake silk flowers makes it look bright and colorful. Artificial silk flowers give a classy look.

Plant boxes and country hangers

If you think you can afford or you don’t have any lanterns then bring in hangers. Hang them with a bunch of artificial outdoor flowers at regular intervals. Plant boxes are best when you want to use the windows and balconies to the maximum. At the corners of the balcony place artificial outdoor plants like topiaries or tropical trees in boxes.

Garden display trolley

There are many trolleys like grocer trolley or dining trolley. If they are made out of metallic material, then they start rusting after a certain period of time. Use it for potted plants. Bonsai trees, artificial plants, trees, and flowers are all available potted.

Signboard flower holder

The old signboard or the house name board are recyclable as flower holders or hangers. It is possible to create the entire board into a hanger, or you can weld a flower hanger to it. Use colorful artificial flowers to decorate. If you like to use large artificial outdoor flowers to make the entrance look attractive.

Wooden runner bench

They are readily available in the market but if you do not want to spend on it and if you think you can do some “do it yourself” experiments then make it. Use old wooden planks and cut them into proper shapes and join them by nailing or sticking. Pair the wooden runner bench with lanterns on top if possible or place topiaries, artificial palm trees on its sides for a perfect updated look.

Tray outdoor showcase

A wooden tray mounted to the outside walls of the farmhouse work as a showcase. Place anything you want in it. A glass vase or a jar turned into a vase with a bunch of artificial silk flowers or fake outdoor flowers give a rich look to the farmhouse.

Milk pail as vase or flower holder

The milk pail is rusted after some time. Those rusted milk pails are much suitable for holding fake outdoor flowers or trees. Place them near the entrance or on the entrance steps to the door. They bring a welcoming feel to the farmhouse entrance.

Old Orleans planters and lanterns

Rusted metal buckets, wooden boxes, and pots have unique rustic quality in them. When they are paired with artificial outdoor plants and trees the place look enchanting. They suit many types of interior and exterior designs and own designs are possible to be created. It is up to your creativity to design the place using them.

Haystack stuffed sofa and pillows

Haystack is easily available at the farmhouse. Just put a heap of the haystack and cover it blanket or bedspread. Pair it with knitted pillows or pillow covers with fabric. They give a good contemporary look to the place. Placing one or two potted artificial outdoor plants or flowers give a fun touch.


Above are some of the easiest and low maintenance ideas for enhancing the rustic farmhouse appearance. Do not implement all the ideas at once. Even if you want to try their combinations one after the other, cross-checking how they turn out step-by-step.

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