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A few months back, I was shopping in one of my favourite stores and came across several notebooks and items of cute “kawaii like” stationery. What struck me about this particular range was the colours and overall cuteness. That stationery brand that I quickly fell in love with was Santoro and there “Gorjuss” range of products.

The Gorjuss selection really is gorgeous. This is just one of many images of cute little girls surrounded by pastel colours. The girls all look similar, no mouth or nose, just eyes with pretty clothes and hair and of course the Santoro stamp which is how to determine if it’s genuine.

Santoro gorjuss girls come as journals, notebooks, stationery, cards, images of which I have a small collection. But the brand is not limited to just stationery. Just take a look at my brand new bag here.

I absolutely love it. It’s one of those bags that you want to show off but yet you don’t want to use it all the time in case it gets dirty or damaged, it’s just so lovely. The little girl on this bag even reminds me a bit of of my own daughter Izebella as her hair is similar length and style.

This coated barrel bag from Santoro London, does look quite small on first glance, but it’s surprising at how much space is actually inside.

It easily holds my large purse, phone, keys, make up and so much more. There is a useful pocket on the inside too which comes in handy for safe phone storage. It has two adjustable carry straps, rather than the usual one large shoulder strap. It’s a very lightweight bag but strong enough to hold a fair bit of stuff.

Out of all the bags I’ve ever owned in my life (and I’ve owned a fair few) this is undoubtably the best one ever. I will be using it for special occasions. My girls already have their eyes on it too, but this one is all mine! It costs Β£32.00 and worth every penny.

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