Beaker Creatures lab set

After traveling through space from their tiny distant planets, they’ve landed on Earth in search of science adventures! Beaker Creatures is a new line of science-themed collectibles from Learning Resources that combines the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that build skill and spark curiosity.

Izebella was initially excited after spotting the Beaker Creatures box. She asked what it was and what was inside. I told her it was a fun science experiment.

This little lab set from Learning Resources brings a bit of science to young children ages 5 and over and they get something to keep at the end of it. No batteries, no dangerous chemicals and minimal set up.

The two tower things that you see on the base here are plungers, the orange cup is the experiment beaker and the two coloured ball shaped things are the pods. This is the main station lab. Also included are two experiment beakers, creature list, stirrer, drip tray and a plastic instrument to grab.

It can get messy even with the bottom drip tray, it’s best to do it on an easy clean floor, outside or use a mess mat.

The pod which is similar to bath bomb material goes into the orange cup. The plungers then get filled with water.

And then plunged. The bottom of the lab has various plastic tubes attached to the different sections, and the water is supposed to flow through and into the orange beaker.


Our water kept leaking and the pipes kept disconnecting which meant water was going everywhere much to Izebellas frustration. Eventually we got the water to where it should be and it started fizzing and turning orange, followed by blue on the second pod attempt.

This is what comes out of the beaker once all the pod is dissolved.

And that’s your Beaker Creature. It’s another type of collectible toy, with many to collect and limited editions.

Two pods come with this set, to be honest I’ve no idea where extra pods can be purchased. I do think this toy is very overpriced at Β£24.99. It’s good to watch and fun to do but once it’s done then that’s pretty much it, it’s then forgot about.

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