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You’ve all heard of wish.com right? The Chinese version of eBay selling everything and anything cheap as chips and ships worldwide. You may have wondered or even been told it’s a scam! Well I’m sure there’s a lot of people who have ordered and never received there stuff or ordered and received something totally different or even a big pile of junk. The important thing to remember about Wish, is that the stuff all comes from China via mainly Chinese sellers. It’s important to accurately read the description and not just go off what’s on the picture as otherwise you may be disappointed. Also take into account that the stuff ships from China via the cheapest way. This means it takes weeks or even a couple of months to get to you. Patience is the key with this place.

Anyway I took the plunge and went on to Wish. I was quite amused at all the stuff advertised as “free”. Yes that’s correct FREE! As in no charge. I just had to pay shipping and that’s per item, no combining shipping costs here I’m afraid. The majority of the smallish free items come with an incredibly low shipping cost of just Β£2 per item, which is lower than sending a package to someone in this country never mind overseas.

I went a little crazy and purchased quite a lot of free bits. Two weeks on and eight of god knows how many packages have arrived already. So I’m going to let you all have a peek of me and my girls happily opening them all, almost like it’s Christmas morning.

This has in a way proven that Wish.com is not a scam or rip off website. It’s just that people need to read before they buy. I am expecting a lot more little things to arrive and so more videos will follow. But so far I have zero complaints. I’ve even browsed a few cheap UK jewellery websites and there is no way I’d get any of those bracelets for under Β£2 with shipping. The crystal ball on the stand is beautiful, the oils will get used and my girls like their bits too.

I would not consider buying anything expensive or electrical from Wish, certainly not anything over Β£20 anyway but I certainly cannot grumble at my first free haul.

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