Struggling to settle in at the new school gates

When you experience a significant relocation, your kids face starting fresh at a new school. This can be daunting, especially given that they’re entering an already established class. Hence, why you should do everything you can to help them integrate.

But, you might not consider that a new school also means new school gates and a different set of parents. And, let’s be honest; the school gates are like a first day in a whole different way. While kids can make friends pretty sharpish, you may find that it takes a little longer to feel as though you belong. In general, though, you should eventually make connections with at least a few parents. They can then introduce you to others and help you find some sense of belonging.

But, what happens if a few months have passed and you have yet to speak with anyone? That nerve-wracking school gate experience could fast become the worst part of your day. In reality, though, you may be reading the situation wrong. More often than not, struggling to fit into that school gate group is a result of our actions. With that in mind, consider whether you’re making these three mistakes.

You don’t look friendly

Somet of us look grumpy and plain unapproachable when we aren’t trying. This is especially likely if you’re on edge and nervous. The answer? Smile. Make an effort to look more like you’re willing to chat. Something as simple as this could see parents coming your way. If your resting face causes continual troubles, you could take further action. It might even be worth looking into something like blepharoplasty surgeon which can lift your frown in a more permanent way. As a temporary measure, though, a smile should do the trick.

Your body language is wrong

Bad body language can segregate you irrelevant of facial expression. What’s more, there’s a good chance this is the problem given how insecure those parents make you feel. It may be that you block interaction by crossing your arms. In extreme cases, you could even turn away without realising. Without judgement, take note of how your body falls next time you pick the kids up. If you’re blocking yourself, try dropping the barricade. Instead, keep your arms open and turn your body towards the crowd. It’s a small step which can make a huge difference.

You aren’t making the effort

In an ideal world, the established parents would work to make the new kid (you) feel welcome. But, that’s rarely how it works. Instead, the newbie often has to make an effort to approach and engage in conversation. Call if a test by fire. But, by stepping outside your comfort zone and making an effort, you may find there’s already a place for you. Don’t assume those parents will make an effort to seek you out. They already have a friendship group. The motivation to integrate is all yours. Sometimes, then, the best thing you can do is make the first move.

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