Percussion sets from Aldi

Yes you read that correctly; you see Aldi is my favourite store for weekly grocery shopping but it sells much more than just food and cleaning stuff.

Both of these musical percussion sets are from Aldi, and they also sell other instruments too such as keyboards and guitars.

Both of these sets cost £9.99 each and its worth getting both if your little one loves making music because they both contain a selection of different instruments. The instruments, although designed in mind for children and little hands, are the real thing and quite similar to what they use in primary schools.

There is a varied selection of percussion instruments in these sets. Some of it I’m not too familiar with myself but each contains a small leaflet detailing how to use it all. There is a tambourine, xylophone, maraca’s, bells, a triangle, shakers, and sticks known as claves which I’ve never heard of.

At £9.99 and being from a supermarket! I wasn’t expecting all that much. But I’m really surprise at the quality of all this stuff. The instruments are solid wood and metal, very well designed and safe for kids ( unless of course they decide to smack someone on the head with one of them) they are really well made and interesting sets and would make wonderful yet noisy gifts to any music loving child (or adult)

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