Useful tips to make moving abroad simpler

Planning any house move is difficult, but planning an overseas house move is all the more stressful still. The process is long, arduous, and full of challenges – but it is manageable, and particularly if you keep the three tips below in mind…

#1 – Declutter everything

When moving abroad, every item you decide to take is an extra cost in terms of shipping – so you have to be extremely stringent about what you take, and what you leave behind. Now is the perfect time to thoroughly declutter your home to ensure that everything you are taking with you is something you genuinely need, or something that carries significant sentimental value.

#2 – Sell larger furniture to help meet the moving costs

Transporting large furniture items overseas is rarely worth it, and storage is unlikely to be a cost-efficient choice either. As a result, it is usually best to sell large items – such as your bed, sofa, and so on and so forth – and use the funds you receive to purchase items in your new home country.

#3 – Opt for palletised shipping

To ensure your items reach your new home country quickly and efficiently, opt for palletised shipping over other transport methods. The infographic below helpfully outlines all the benefits this choice offers, and you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your items will arrive in the best possible condition.

Infographic Design By Palletised International Removals Services

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