So glow magic jars

Well these are certainly different and lots of fun to make.

There are 3 plastic jars, and in the jars are coloured powders, glitters and a cute little figure.

The tops of the jars are all fitted with tiny led lights which change colour and which can be activated by shaking. So yes once made up these become like magic fairy jars.

Making them is so easy. The jars have a line on the top and water needs pouring up to this line, then add the glittery stuff and confetti, pop in the little figures, the special powder. Then activate the lights. Put the lid on, shake and that’s all it takes.

They look much better at night when it’s dark and the led reacts with the coloured powder to make the jars glow up. They can be shook like snow globes and glitter will fall down.

Being full of water , I don’t think they are suitable as bedtime night lights but more better as decorative ornaments.

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