Degustabox August unboxing

This month I’ve decided to do things a little differently than the norm.

I’ve kind of got into the whole video unboxing thing and that’s what I’ve done with the Degustabox.

I found this box contained lots of useful food and drink items that will all get used. The brands and products this month are:

    • Dorset cereals – spectacular grains Β£3.
    • Illy – Instant smooth taste coffee Β£5.85
    • Good Hemp – dairy free milk Β£1.60
    • Rowntree – Random’s less sugar Β£1.29
    • Maggi – Fusion sticky noodles Β£1.39
    • Liobites – 2 x smoothie bites Β£1.99
    • John West – infusions tuna fillets Β£2.29
    • Boka bar – 2 x breakfast bars Β£0.75
    • Gunna – 2 x craft soft drinks Β£1.09
    • Crooked – alcoholic soda Β£2.00

As you can see that’s a lot of value for just Β£12.99 per month which of course includes any delivery and packaging costs too.

My favourite product out of this box was the smoothie bites from LioBites.

These are very healthy fruit crisps which are made from fresh fruits. The fruit goes through some sort of blending and freezing process to give these square shaped bites. All I could taste was the sweetness of the fruits and we all enjoyed both packs. The only downside of these is the price. Β£1.99 each for a fairly small bag is not something I’d be willing to pay. I could probably buy all the fresh fruit separately for much less.

I wasn’t too keen on the Gunna soft drinks. Again these are designed as low sugar health drinks. The 2 cans I got both contained gingers and I’m just not a lover of these type of drinks.

The Rowntree randoms we’re gone in minutes and the Bokka bars had mixed reactions between us all. Some of us thought they were okay.

The coffee and the dairy free milk go together. The coffee, tho expensive does have a lovely rich taste. Once the dairy free milk is mixed with the coffee I can’t really tell much difference to the usual stuff. Therefore for us it comes in handy as spare milk for hot drinks.

The cereal I think is quite expensive too. Its muesli packed with fruits and grains. I don’t have breakfast myself ever and I’m not sure if my kids will eat it or not. I may use it with fruit and yoghurt for a healthy mid day snack.

I was happy to spot the tinned tuna and may hand to fight my 11 year old over it (not literally). We both like tuna and these look good. I think when it comes to tuna and fish products, you get what you pay for so this should be nice.

Maggi noodles, we have all the time, I regularly buy them in shops. The sticky duck pack would be good mixed with actual duck or maybe a bit of chicken as a full meal.

Finally the alcohol soda; this tasted like alcopops, fruity and fizzy and not a bad price at just Β£2.00.

Head over to Degustabox to see how it all works and to sign up for your first box today!

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