Planning perfection – Ensuring a family house move is a success

If you’re moving home with your family, it can be a challenging and stressful time; especially when you have kids, pets, and all the other things that come with family life to take into consideration. I’ve had a few moves in my time, the biggest was the last one when my youngest was just a baby.

Everyone wants a move to go as seamlessly and straightforward as possible, for everyone and each member of the household. With so much to organize and sort out; it can be difficult not to get swept up in the task of moving, and before you know it, voices might be raised and everyone can feel like their tempers are fraying. Therefore, you’ll need to take every step possible to make moving house a calm experience. The following are some tips and ideas for those who are moving home with their family, to help make positive memories together.

Booking, Organising, And Schedules

First and foremost on your list of companies to ring, should be a reputable removalist; companies like Bekins Moving Solution can be booked well in advance of your moving day so that you can ensure the safe arrival of your bed, T.V, and all your other “essentials”. Consider how you’re going to get all of your services and energy into your new home before you get there. There are companies who can help to explain the process you’ll need to go through to set up your home’s energy and will give you an idea on timescale and cost as well. You don’t want to turn up to your new place and have no gas, electricity, or hot water to utilise, so be smart when it comes to sorting out the right things; you can ensure that you have a hot shower and a cuppa awaiting you.

Make sure that the internet is another area that you have covered efficiently, especially if you use it for work, or you really need to keep up with your favourite Netflix show. It can take weeks for an internet connection to be up and running, so bear that in mind before you move house and decide on your supplier in good time. The more you plan, organise, and schedule, before moving day arrives, the smoother your transition will be and you’ll be able to enjoy your new home in no time.

It’s Time To Get Your Team On Board

Get kids to pack up their room and put their favorite books, toy, and items in clearly labeled boxes so that the whole family feels involved in the move, and you’ll get some much-needed help too. Moving is a great chance to have a thorough clear-out of the things you no longer use, so get everyone on board in sorting out old items and giving them to charity or throwing them out. Get your kids excited about their new bedrooms and think about colour schemes, fun themes, and furniture layout together; if you make it a positive experience for them, they’re more likely to want to help and be involved on moving day.

Lunches and drinks should be ready for the day of the move; try and keep it all as light hearted and fun as possible to keep spirits high and ensure that everyone is fed and watered. Careful planning and thorough preparation will help ensure your move is a breeze and as stress-free as possible.

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