What’s in the Degustabox??? #July

Welcome to another monthly round of “Degustabox” reveals. The box that keeps on bringing some lovely foodie and snack items month after month.

July’s box had about 14 items inside in total, but the boxes may vary and not all of them will contain alcohol.

So here goes, another reveal of what I found in my latest box.

Ribena Sparkling – I did have fairly high anticipation when I spotted these. I mean it’s been very hot and a refreshing sparkling fruity drink is much needed, but………. Unfortunately they just did not taste that great at all. Add to this the £2.70 charge per bottle and it’s a big no no for these. They are only sold in pubs too.

Percol iced coffee – Now this was surprisingly lovely and I’m not usually a fan of this sort of drink (ice tea/coffee). I didn’t think I’d enjoy it, but I did. I did put it in the freezer for a good hour before consuming it, making it a real iced coffee.This one costs £1.50 per can and it is something I would buy.

Rosie’s Pig flat tyre – I don’t drink cider at all, not even the flavoured stuff so this one will be getting passed on. These cost £2.00 per can.

Cadbury Highlights milk chocolate – I found this quite a strange product to find in a Summer box, but as I guessed it’s gone down extremely well with my children who all love hot chocolate. This particular one can be made with hot water and costs £2.99 per jar.

London Flavours – premium British potato crisps here. I got 2 bags in 2 flavours. These are big chunky crisps, strong flavours and a nice addition to the box. 95p each bag.

Rowntree fruit pastilles – This new bag contains 30% less sugar than the previous bags. The pastilles are all in fruity shapes too. This bag costs just £1.29 and yes my kids love them.

Peckish rice crackers – I have had these before in a previous Degustabox but in a different flavour. A rice cracker like the ones in this packet is something in between a crisp and a cracker. A totally different consistency to a crisp, with the smoothness of a cracker but much lighter. £1.59 a pack.

Miso Tasty – This is soup and made with mushrooms. This is not something I’ll be making. It sort of reminds me of something I’d find in one of those Japanese snack boxes. I’m not a big fan of soups to start with, and although I like mushrooms in a cooked breakfast, I really hate mushroom soup. However if you enjoy the stuff then this packet will cost you £3.75.

Capsicana – Cooking sauces and flavours from around the world. I’ve used these before and made some interesting dishes with them, so I don’t mind keeping these at all. This time the flavours come from South America with seasoning mix from Brazil and a Guacamole from Mexico. These packets are very inexpensive costing just £1.00 and £0.65 each.

Pulsin raw chocolate brownie – Pulsin are health food bars, the sort you are meant to swap for the less healthy chocolate alternatives. In my opinion they don’t taste that great and yes I’ve tried a few different varieties. Whilst the flavour is okay, the texture is just to dry and bulky for me and leaves me gasping for a drink to flush it down. Each bar also costs £1.59 each. I would not pay this for one of these bars.

And that completes my July Degustabox reveal. Head over to Degustabox UK to get your monthly subscription started. It costs £12.99 per month.

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