Crate Creatures

It may not be Halloween yet, but something very scary has indeed made its way into our home.

Its a locked crate which looks a little like a prison cell, but what could possibly be lurking inside?? It even comes with a huge thick chain and padlock. Who knows what ghastly thing this crate contains?

She looks terrified doesn’t she??

Well after much humming and Arring, and sheer fear and anticipation. We decided to open the box.

And AAAGGH! It’s a monster!! A big bright colourful ferocious creature who talks and makes silly noises.

Meet Pudge! Our crazy naughty Crate Creature!

Pudge is one of four of his type of species. His other family members include Sizzle, Snorthog, and Blizz. They are all revolting monsters who growl and grumble and roar. They come with hideous monster features, horns, snot, goo, big teeth and are not always the friendliest things to be around. Each one also has its own favourite food, which you should not attempt to pinch from them. In pudges case it’s a pizza slice. When having his pizza pudge will gurgle, chomp and even burp and if he gets too greedy and carried away then in his cage he goes. After all we don’t want him thinking he can steal our dinner too and god forbid the sweets!

Pudge also has a cheeky sense of humour and likes his tummy being pressed. His eyes glow and then he cheekily repeats anything that he hears us say, and yes I mean anything so we watch what we say. He also likes his horns being touched which makes his crazy eyes glow. He has other functions too and comes out with over 45 unique ghastly sounds. His brothers and sisters all so similar things to Pudge but all look different and gave their own unique scary personalities.

To buy your own adorable yet naughty monster Pudge or any of his family, then just go to Smyths toy store and hand over Β£39.99 for the ghastly creatures. They come pre installed with batteries and are set on demo mode meaning they start straight away once you dare open the locked crate with the included key.

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  1. July 27, 2018 / 15:09

    These look like a lot of fun! I have never heard of these before….I think my girl would love one x

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